Tuesday, May 19, 2015

On the Responses to ‘Rape’ on ‘Game of Thrones’

Apparently Game of Thrones has crossed the line.  A popular female character was “raped” on screen by an ugly male character with a eunuch watching.  I put the word “raped” in quotes because number 1) it was a staged scene in a television show and 2) technically the characters were already married so it isn’t rape as consent was given via marital vows.

The outrage is so extreme that even Senator Claire McCaskill has said she’s done with the show.  I don’t know what is more stupid, the fact that she’s obviously lying or the fact that a U.S. Senator actually watches the show.

In a show where a woman was sold as a sex slave to a savage, where good men and women are brutally murdered, where a child was pushed out of a window to cover up incest, and where a fetal child was stabbed to death over an insult, this is what crosses the line for feminists.

And the great part in all this is that George R. R. Martin is not a stranger to feminism.  He embraces it and has openly sought to condemn this year’s effort by outsiders to infiltrate the Hugo awards in order to reverse the tidal wave of stupid fiction written by preachy whiners (aka Social Justice Warriors).

So what have we learned about feminism in all this?

For one thing, they are not happy people.  No matter how much you claim to be on their side and no matter what you do to curry favor with them, they will stab you in the front and go for the genitals.  They cannot be appeased and they will not compromise.  They are not interested in cutting deals, they are interested in cutting dicks.

Another thing is that their outrage is selective.  I don’t know much about the show or the books, but I suspect that the “rape” victim was a feminist hero of some kind and the “rapist” was a typical male psychopath.  What this demonstrates is that they are only concerned with their own kind and don’t give a flying rat’s butt about anyone else outside of their own clique.

In other words, feminists are tribal.  And in this post-post-modern world, your tribe is strongly tied into your ideology.  Going slightly off the reservation means you are exiled, as Mr. Martin (and Mr. Wheedon) are just now hopefully realizing.

The bottom line here is that feminism is not a ideology you want to get yourself tangled up in.  Eventually, all feminists do is end up feasting on their own.  Looking as you Joseph Gordon-Levitt.