Thursday, April 23, 2015


Taking a personal inventory of my beliefs on my blog:

  • To get any political clout in the US, you either need to know someone powerful or pay your dues to someone powerful.
  • Free Trade has been disastrous for the world.  The concept is separate from Free Markets in that it requires sovereign nations to stop tariffs.  Unfortunately, it also encourages richer nations to increase the welfare state and, in effect, bankrupt them.
  • People are tribal.  Always keep that in mind, even when you aren’t really part of your community.  Tribalism, though a primitive concept, is a powerful one.  So when you see people spouting out accusations like racism or sexism, remember that it is tribalism at play.
  • Most of the people of levy accusations of racism or sexism or any other ism meant to hurt others are usually white males.
  • Feminism is more destructive than communism for a society.  At least communists had a solid foundation in their beliefs.  Feminism appears to have no beliefs other than men are bad and sex is bad unless a female feminist consented to it.
  • While there are genuine misogynists out there, they are few in number.  And no, Pick Up Artists are not misogynists.  They are just, by and large, assholes.  Know the difference.
  • There are no political solutions.  Never vote for a person because you think he or she will fix things.  Vote because you believe that they are the right person for the job.  But understand that at best, a politician who takes offices will merely prolong what is inevitable.
  • The NFL is the least masculine sport out there.  The players are by and large children, the owners and operators are Social Justice Warriors who have turned their ideology up to 11, and the game itself is a sideshow to commercials and pointless statistical analysis.  And let’s not forget about the crying.
  • Any man who cries publicly, except when kicked in the gonads or having suffered the sudden death of a close loved one (like a child), is to be ridiculed and laughed at.
  • There are too few people in the House of Representatives.  One representative per 700,000+ people is not representation.
  • The Constitution is dead.  Don’t bother trying to revive it, just be ready to write a better one once the Federal government collapses (which will be soon).
  • Any Christian who allows divorce except in cases of adultery should be mocked and reprimanded.  This is because a Christian marriage involves an oath before God and you shouldn’t break such an oath because you aren’t happy.
  • More and more, I am finding a community of secular atheists who I happen to agree with more than Christians.  Maybe Christians shouldn’t have their heads so far up their collective asses.
  • Christianity in the West is dead.  Too few are willing to stand for what is right against the elites who so clearly disdain them.  It would not surprise me if there were public beheadings in the United States within ten years from government officials.
  • The United States has an active aristocracy.  If you do not think it does, then you probably aren’t one of them.  Good luck getting anything to change by voting.
  • Political change does not occur unless the aristocrats allow it for whatever selfish reasons they have.  Voting changes nothing other than the assholes who appear to be in charge.
  • Bill Clinton was the last real President our country has had.  As much as I disagreed with him on almost everything, he was not a puppet, unlike Bush and Obama.