Friday, March 20, 2015

Unrestrained Feminism in Christianity

When I was a brief missionary in Uganda (didn’t spread the Word, just built simple solar-powered lighting systems in rural areas), my team came to a village where most of the parents were dead due to AIDS.  What was left were children and teenagers all guided by the local clergy.

Our team had with us a retired bishop of Uganda, a man who had witnessed the tyrannical regime of Idi Amin including the deaths of fellow clergymen and congregants.  He was appalled by the village and how the children were behaving.  He took time during the celebration to push for them to clean up their act and get their town in order.  It is a shame that he could not stay and guide them.

We could not speak up ourselves really.  We were just the white people from a foreign land coming to install electrical lighting.  But he could.  He could convict them to turn their lives around and not make the mistakes that their parents made.

In what was once Western Christendom, we have an entirely different story, especially when it comes to matters of marriage, romance, and sex.  We have abandoned Biblical principles when it comes to these matters and instead tried to adopt the misguided standards of the post-modern elite.

Just today I come across an article written in Christianity Today that encouraged people to re-think Margaret Sanger.  For those who don’t know, Margaret Sanger pioneered birth control, family planning, and eugenics.  Her non-profit organization, Planned Parenthood, is much more notorious for promoting abortion, posting record profits, and getting subsided by the US Federal government.

But that is neither here nor there.  In the article mentioned, the writer talks about how Sanger didn’t promote abortion in her lifetime and instead sought out a way for women to gain greater access to contraceptives, especially poor women.

The article blathers on about her own experiences in the third world where girls as young as 13 were getting pregnant and some women were giving birth to defective children due to STDs, among other things.  The writer, who is female, naturally assumes that all of these things could be avoided if women had more contraceptives.

So, according to this writer’s logic, all we have to do in order to stop unwanted pregnancies is to not encourage girls and boys to make responsible decisions but instead give them the means to which they can freely engage in even more fornication.  To young teenage girls, no less.

I am actually appalled that an outfit like Christianity Today would allow such an article to be posted.  But I suppose it is not altogether surprising.  Modern Christianity has fully embraced feminism, whether it knows it or not, and declared that women are not accountable for their actions when it comes to sex.

The overall message of the article was not to encourage churches to push for reforms in their society that seek to make sex a sacred part of the marriage sacrament, but to allow people to more freely engage in it and not be burdened with the consequences.

I am not personally opposed to contraception.  I would argue that if your daughter is going to college, she needs to be on the pill, especially if it is a liberal arts college or realm of study.  I would also argue that we are failing our daughters when it comes to teaching them to be feminine and that we are instead encouraging them to behave like teenage boys well into adulthood.

If we are to save Western Christendom, or restore it, we need to start encouraging our daughters to not go to college and waste their prime fertile years fucking 20% of the guys they meet and instead prepare them for suitable lifestyles that most women want to live.  And most women would rather be at home with their children.

Civilization wasn’t built on contraception.  It was built by people who were willing to make a better life for the many children that they had.  Contraception is the result of civilization, not the foundation of it.  If you want the third world to grow and become a better world, you cannot give them the means to permanently destroy themselves.

Contraception does not save lives; it merely prevents lives from being created in the first place.  Very few people go to their graves wishing they had less children.

But this is part in parcel with the fight against feminism and restoring the virtues (both feminine and masculine) which maintain Christendom.  Feminism is female sexuality unrestrained while restraining male sexuality as much as possible.  Always remember that and whenever you see one, the other is sure to follow.  Condemn those amongst your own Christian groups who encourage such destructive behavior.