Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Western Churches Need to Go All In With Regards to Marriage

So my father shared this article on Facebook today, which I read through and mostly agreed with.  I mean, I don’t consider gay marriage to be actual marriage either (because getting a man to have sex with you is easy and therefore not much of a challenge).

But Western Christendom has largely failed to maintain and uphold the sanctity of marriage for many reasons and all of these reasons could either be attributed to apathy, fear, or outright heresy.  Because I cannot think of anything else that would motivate someone to sell out what was originally a Church responsibility to a democratic republic.

Whenever marriage licenses were first issued, that was the beginning of the degradation of marriage as an intuition.  This is not because the government destroys everything it touches (although it generally does), but because once you made marriage a political issue rather than a religious one, you effectively opened it up to whims of the idiotic masses.

You know, the ones who can’t identify the Vice President or will sign petitions to move all Obamacare opponents to concentration camps?

Yes, most people are idiots.  Most people cannot comprehend cause and effect, otherwise they wouldn’t be leasing their BMWs or living in subsidized housing.

And so, we decided that the people would elect loud, obnoxious failed lawyers to determine what their morality would be when it comes to human sexuality, despite thousands of years of it being pretty much set in stone.  I mean from an evolutionary standpoint, being sexually deviant is a dead end really.

All this happened and the Church approved of it because outsourcing responsibility is a natural inclination of the human species.

That’s a summary of what happened really.  I’m sure there were some theologians and priests and pastors who spoke out against it, but most were mute as the people decided to keep those Mormons from engaging in polygamy.  Never-mind that polygamy is not explicitly forbidden in the Bible.

But here’s the deal: the modern Church is focusing on a controversial issue that is easy to condemn while forgetting the harder issues that are the real reasons for the decline in marriage in the United States.

Until the Church writ large decides to openly condemn no-fault divorce, alimony, child support, the usurpation of the husband as the head of the household, condemning women who divorce their husbands for anything other than physical adultery (porn doesn’t count), etc. then maybe, just maybe I can take our Christian leaders more seriously.

Until they start focusing on the right issues with regards to marriage, any complaints about gay marriage are just silly and stupid.  Gay marriage is the end result of decades of the Church’s own failure to reign in the culture and be the moral center of our society.  If you want to become the moral center again, you need to go all in.