Friday, February 13, 2015

The White Knights March On

The white knights are up in full force for this weekend.  Are they defending precious girls against rapists?  Stopping players from getting their one-night stands?

No, they are complaining about the release of the movie Fifty Shades of Grey.

They are whining about how it depicts a man dominating and overpowering a young woman.  She is stalked and then taken into his world of BDSM.

Forgetting that during the course of the plot, she signs both a consent form and a non-disclosure agreement about it after spending some time to think about it all.  She was not coerced into anything.  She willing accepts and participates in his sexual exploits.

What many idiotic white knights fail to recognize is that many women want this.  They want to be dominated by men and they want to submit to them.  It is the curse that was pronounced on them by God through Eve after all.

I am sick of these whiny morons complaining about a romance movie with a BDSM theme.  So what?  If that is what certain girls want to see, let them watch it.

Hey guess what idiots: all women have a very slutty streak.  The trick is making your wife into your own personal slut rather than everyone else’s.

So stop bemoaning all the immoral things that men inflict on women.  This was something that women inflicted on themselves.

The only thing that men are guilty of in Western society these days is not telling Eve to put the apple down and beating the living Hell out of that damn Serpent.  Because our wives won’t let us.