Monday, January 12, 2015

Violent Islam

So there was an Islamic terror related shooting in France last week against a satirical magazine which attacked religion.  By now, everyone knows about it and it is currently the most popular world event.

And of course it has politicized.  To death.  We have Leftists talking about “unity through diversity”-themed ideas while we have the Right accusing the Left of not being sorry enough.  I am reminded of a scene in Shaka Zulu where the tribe was supposed to show the right about of sorrow over their leader’s assassination attempt or face impalement with regards to the Right’s reaction.

The Left are morlocks, no doubt, but they are not entirely incapable of compassion, just rational thought.  By stressing unity after the battle lines are drawn is a foolish endeavor.

Islam is a problem that the West doesn’t have to deal with.  You could blame Islam, but I blame Ricardo’s Comparative Advantage being applied on a global scale.  If the West was more isolationist, then there wouldn’t be Muslims sitting around waiting to shoot unarmed people for daring to draw their god in a satirical manner.

If isolationist policies were in place to begin with, we wouldn’t see a rich Middle East with the funds to attack the West.  They had nothing over there but desert and a bunch of backwards morons.  But suddenly they struck oil and now we are facing a rapid spread of Islam.

The Muslims are even buying people off in third-world countries using Saudi oil money.  It’s easy to convert to another religion when they offer you food and comfortable living.  You just have to strap on this belt and run at that crowd over there screaming “Allah Akbar”.

So far, world leaders are looking at the trees but forgetting about the forest that surrounds them.  They are squabbling over who is showing the appropriate remorse and demanding unity from a people who care not for unity except through conquest.

Islam is a violent religion.  Most adherents are just cowards who aren’t willing to shoot innocents.  But many of them secretly applaud when their brave young men do.  Or openly, as is the case of Palestinians on 9/11.

It is a culture and a religion that is incapatible with the West because Western civilization was founded on Christian principles, which are counter to Islam.  It is high time we stop accepting these mediocre responses from our leaders and start demanding that Islamists be encouraged to leave.

Otherwise, we may see our schoolchildren murdered by drug-fueled, Allah worshiping faggots who lack critical thinking skills and basic human decency.