Saturday, December 27, 2014

Musing on the Sony Hack

So this whole Sony hack saga was an amusing waste of time.  At this point, if anyone actually believes that North Korea was actually behind it, they are mentally impaired.  To me, it was obvious from the start that North Korea was not behind the hack nor China nor any other major country.

I wasn’t alone in that assertion.  There were plenty of other people out there who were skeptical for whatever reason.

My guess though is that it was a disgruntled laid off IT guy.  He (or she but most likely he) probably knew about getting laid off before the order was handed down and decided to leave with a bang.  This is because IT guys usually know long before the employee getting laid off due to the fact that they have to cancel all security access the day of the firing.

But that’s all speculation.  The point is that this whole Sony hack was hilarious to watch.  We had the government actually believing that the North Koreans did it.  Yes, I believe Kim Jong-Un to be that shallow.  But I doubt it was a stupid movie that was the cause of the hack.

For one thing, nobody knew a damn thing about this movie save a few movie buffs.  I never heard of it until the Sony hack saga came out.  I doubt North Koreans knew much about it.

It also reminded me of when the Benghazi attacks were blamed on a YouTube video that nobody watched.  That whole lie was obvious because if you ever go to a third-world country, you’d know that Internet access is sorely limited among most people.

At the end of it all, Sony released The Interview on YouTube for free.  And I am still not going to watch, although it appears that they probably got way more views than it would have in the theater.

And why the Hell are people going to the theater on Christmas day?  Is your family that repulsive and annoying?  Also, why do you hate teenagers so much?