Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Good Works, Salvation, and Confusion

Are we all going to Hell?

Are some of us chosen to go to Heaven while the rest doomed to Hell?

Is there something in-between both Heaven and Hell like Purgatory for those of us who failed at this life?

When I think on these things, I just don’t know.  I know that Jesus brought us salvation before God through His sacrifice and destroyed Second Death for those of us who follow him.

But what is following Jesus?  James said that faith is demonstrated through our good works.  But what are good works exactly?  Do we give money to the homeless guy when he asks for it knowing he probably will use it for alcohol or drugs instead of using it to improve his own station in life?

Or how about giving clothes and food to third world?  When we do that, we end up allowing them extra spending money for booze and prostitutes.  Shutting down child labor factories?  That only encourages child prostitution.

The fact is, there is charity and there is enabling.  I get the sense that the United States and the West has engaged in more enabling than in actual charity.  This goes for the individuals, the churches, the charities, and the governments that have all given to them.

Jesus gave us an example of good works and yet we still fail at it.

There are some who think that all are saved.  There are those who believe only a select few are saved.  And then there is the rest of us who are just too damn confused to really think about it.

The fact is, we just don’t know exactly how God will judge us, other than what what in our hearts.  I guess the important thing is to lift it all up to God and accept his judgment, whatever it may be.

We are on this Earth here and now.  The Holy Spirit gives us wisdom to discern between the good and the bad.  The curse of sin brought with it the knowledge of good and evil.  And in spite of suffering for it, we must use it to our advantage in order to do what is right by God and reject what is evil.

And maybe, just maybe, God will reward us for our devotion to Him.