Thursday, October 9, 2014

Ebola Immigrates

So now that Ebola has made landfall in the US without government supervision and caused the death of one person with dozens of people potentially infected, I think it is high time we re-evaluate our immigration policies as a nation.  I know, here we go again, that racist is going to insist on keeping all the minorities out while letting their children starve.

Yes, I am well aware of the Social Justice Warrior/Progressive/Liberal/Communist arguments for open immigration from third-world hellholes.  You are a racist if you reject mass immigration because those people are people with darker skin.  It has nothing to do with subverting traditional American values like individuality and liberty.  It has nothing to do with the replacement of the American dream with savage tribalism, which we witness growing every day.

Look, there is no point in playing the race card with regards to immigration anymore.  We now have a deadly and horrifying disease brought over by the foolish immigration policies of the United States government.  Diseases tend to not be racist, last I checked.

But there is more than just Ebola coming over.  There is already the spreading of a mysterious repository illness among children which can probably be attributed to the influx of abandoned central American illegal immigrate children.  In an act to promote diversity, the President’s administration spread these children all over the country.  And now this disease has spread all over the country.  This isn’t a coincidence.

This has been building up for some time.  The CDC already has a highly aggressive vaccine schedule, largely due in part to the resurgence of many diseases that were not a threat a few decades ago.  The influx of people from countries where they were not vaccinated could easily be attributed to this but is never stated publicly by our government overlords.

Ebola itself is hard to contract really.  So long as you don’t get into contact with an infected person’s fluids (like blood, urine, saliva, or semen), you should be fine.  On top of that, so long as you regularly bath, you greatly increase your chances of contracting it, among dozens of other nasty diseases.

My suggestion is that we close down the borders, reject all visas from countries that harbor hostile diseases or hostile people, and place US military on the borders of both Mexico and Canada ASAP.  We tell the Mexican government that any attacks on the border directed at our military will be regarded as an act of war from the Mexican government (it happens much more often than is reported).

These are extreme measures.  I know that.  But things have gotten out of hand as of late and they are not going to get better by less extreme measures.  I would love to provide everyone in the world with the opportunities that the US has (and still has to a degree).  At the same time, the people coming here are bringing their diseases, their anti-American ideas, and their tribes.

This does not bode well for a nation and it is looking like secession will be the order of the day in my own lifetime.  But that is probably the only other solution that will resolve the current crisis.