Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Ebola for Everyone

Now we’ve come to find out that a nurse who was treating the Ebola man in Dallas has come down with the disease herself, along with her boyfriend.  All this in spite of the fact that she was wearing hazmat protection.

So now we need to panic, right?


On the other hand, there were 70 people treating this man at the time and only one person got infected among them (so far).  If Ebola had mutated, then there would be a few dozen infected already.  Well, that may not be true considering the incubation period can last up to three weeks.

Still though, the evidence so far indicates that the nurse mishandled her protective gear, or someone else’s.  That is unfortunate.

I’ve heard Chris Brown say that Ebola is a form of population control.  While I do believe that the global elites (such as British royalty, multinational business owners, and Western politicians in top positions of power) do desire a sizable reduction in humanity, they would come up with something more effective than Ebola.  Like forced birth control and sterilization.

I will say too that the US government response has been baffling to say the least.  Somehow denying visas to people in the afflicted countries would spread the disease more?  Yet it is also illegal to import most foreign animals into the US, right?

As of right now, the most likely scenario is that the Ebola virus will be a distant memory by this time next year and any mention of it will be the Republicans’ fault.  Or Bush’s fault.  Whichever scapegoat will be need by this Presidential administration.

By the way, did anyone catch the latest episode of The Walking Dead?  I thought they were going to be playing up the drama in Terminus for three episodes.  Glad they took care of it sooner.