Wednesday, July 9, 2014

About My Absence

I’ve had a pretty crazy couple of weeks.

First of all, I had to re-release the latest version of our product without the help of half of my co-workers who are on vacation.  So I ended up working long hours on weekdays and some over the holiday weekend.

While this was stressful, there was more going on at home.  I had contacted my landlord about the old stove, saying it needed to be replaced.  So she set up it up to be delivered.  Along with a new dishwasher.

A contractor came to unhook the appliances and turn off the water, because the dishwater hose would leak, and said he would be back the next day to hook everything up.  Unfortunately, the delivery people didn’t have the full address and because I missed their call, they drove off.

The contractor hooked the old stuff back up the next day but it took another two weeks before the new appliances could be delivered on a day when both the contractor and the delivery people could meet their schedule.

But the microwave needed a separate outlet, which required an electrician.  The outlet is set up and our contractor will be back to hook up the microwave.

On the day that our new appliances came, the A/C broke.  And these are the hottest days of the year (does it ever really break in the winter though?).  So we are frantically contacting our landlord, who is traveling back to South Korea, to get this taken care of.  Fortunately, it has been fixed as of this writing.  Still a little nerve-wracking though.

Lastly, a drain pipe to the shower of our upstairs neighbor was leaking and caused mold to grow in the insulation.  The contractor we have cut a hole to investigate this and then we had to deal with the property management in order to get this resolved.  And that is always fun since they are looking to blame someone else.

The pipe is fixed but the hole remains until later this week just to make sure it is fixed.

I’m writing about all of this to highlight why I’ve been missing for over a week now.  We all face about 20 things going wrong in our lives all at once from time to time.  For me, that time is right now.