Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Sympathy for Murderous Women

A female student admits to murderous intentions but gets nothing but sympathy (emphasis mine):

A female student from Nakura in Kenya, who studies at Kabarak University, has disclosed that she has infected a total of 324 men with the AIDS causing virus – Human Immunodeficiency (HIV). She has apparently got infected with the dreaded virus at a party by a man. Now this girl wants revenge and is planning to infect at least 2000 healthy men.

If new reports are to be believed this girl, whose identity is not yet known confessed on Facebook through Kenyan Scandals. She called them with the claim that she had something to reveal. She wanted her identity protected. Once she got this assurance she stated that it all happened on 22nd of September 2013, a day she said she would never forget. She said she had gone to the club in town with some senior friends and got drunk. They all returned to the hostels to continue partying there. She woke up the next morning and realized that a boy named Javan had sexual intercourse with her. She had been completely out as she was drunk.

But the Kenyan Daily Post did reveal her identity perhaps in the interest of the innocent people around. The paper published a photo of her profile on Facebook along with the article.

She had asked Javan that morning, if he had had a condom on and Javan had assured her that he had indeed taken the precaution. But later when she was in the shower she realized there was some semen down there. She became very frightened that she might either get pregnant or get infected by some disease like HIV. She was so terrified that she even contemplated suicide.

Her world came shattering down when she tested HIV positive. When confronted Javan said he was clean and that she might have got the infection from someone else. The girl then went into depression and started drinking. She even contemplated consuming poison as she did not know how to face the world. She had obviously let her parents down badly. So she wanted to take her life and end all the suffering.

Soon she started thinking that her future was actually ruined by some man and someone had to pay for it. She started accepting her situation for what it was but promised to herself that she will make all the men out there suffer. She knew she was very hot and attractive. Both married and unmarried men anyway chased her everywhere. So she quietly buried the good girl within her and took on a different and bad persona. She then aimed at getting as many men as possible infected with HIV.

She now claims to have passed on the infection to 324 men. Around 156 of them are students at her university and the rest are lawyers, celebrities, politicians, lecturers and other married men. According to her she has sex with at least four people in a day. Her aim is to infect at least 2000 men as she believes that they destroyed her life and she has to go after them with the weapon she has – HIV.

The bold paragraphs say it all.  We are supposed to feel sorry for this slut because she got AIDS from one of her random sexual encounters and now she infects several men with her own disease.

This is called murder, pure and simple.  If you knowingly infect someone else with a deadly disease that has no cure, then you have committed murder.

If this was a man, he would be demonized for his behavior.  Instead, we get nothing but sympathy for her in the article.

It makes me sick that humanity has such a low tolerance for murder.  This woman should be locked up in prison awaiting trial for hundreds of counts of attempted murder.

Sadly, this is not the way of our world right now.