Thursday, May 8, 2014

Man Trappers

Women are devious creatures.  They are not physically, mentally, or emotionally superior to men.  But they know how to lie and cheat better than the average man:

Used positive pregnancy tests can be found for sale all over the Internet.

And as CBS 2’s Alice Gainer reported, those involved said people are snapping them up – with less-than-ethical motivations.

One mother from Dallas did not want her identity revealed, but she does want people to buy her positive pregnancy tests. She talked about one woman who took her up on the offer.

“She wanted to trick him into thinking she was pregnant, so he would drop everything so I gave her two tests,” the woman said.

Buying and selling others’ pregnancy tests is the latest trend on the Internet. Those involved in the trade said the buyers’ motive is often to trap a man – and that is not all.

“Ninety-five percent of the girls just want to lie to get a man,” the seller said.

And the sellers know that.

This is not something that should come as a surprise to anyone really.  Given that our society has long abandoned proper martial practices in favor of hooking up, when it comes time to actually settle down before you grow old and unmarriageable, you have to do something.

The more cunning and beautiful women will realize this before they hit the Wall, which is when they lose their youthful beauty completely.  They will stop sleeping around and settle for a provider rather than the loser with a band and a dirty apartment.

For the less cunning, they require more deceptive measures.  Hence we have the fake pregnancy tests on top of all other forms of fraud that women engage in to get married.

Honestly, this is the logical result of a sexual marketplace where women want to sleep around without consequence and then get married.  Never mind that it has been proven that the more sexual partners a woman has before marriage results in a higher likelihood of divorce.  Somehow, every woman thinks they can beat their biological systems.

The point is, we should not be surprised at the depths of a woman’s deception when it comes to marriage.  Instead, we should surprised when a woman turns out to be a virgin at her wedding.