Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Vaccine Choice

More in vaccination news.  Apparently, a popular celebrity named Kristin Cavallari said that she isn’t vaccinating her child.  She cites, among other things, her concerns about autism and it’s link to vaccines.

I know, the science is settled, according to government scientists.  They insist that we inject several concoctions into our children which are said to prevent certain diseases, many of which are treatable and non-fatal.

But I’d like to make a few observations here:

  • For one thing, Kristin Cavallari is not harming anyone by not vaccinating her child.  Her own child can make that the decision to get all those vaccinations later in life.  The risks for most of the diseases that her child can get are very low and even contracting some of them poses no long-term health effects.
  • When I was a child, by the age of six, I had 10 vaccinations.  The current vaccine schedule from the CDC requires 38 vaccinations by the age of six.  You cannot reasonably tell me that this is sane as hygiene habits have changed very little since then.  What possible justification could the CDC have for demanding children get 4x the number of injections that we got when we were younger.
  • That being said, how does not vaccinating children endanger other children who are vaccinated?  This is a surprisingly common argument and illustrates just how stupid people are.
  • Most illnesses that kids get are ones that cannot be vaccinated against.  The flu, for example, is something that cannot be vaccinated against.  The common cold is another thing.  In many cases, kids get sick from things that cannot be vaccinated against.
  • Vaccines do contain harmful materials like mercury.  And most doctors justify it by saying such ridiculous things like children getting 5x the doses of mercury from breast milk than vaccines.  Like we’re not supposed to understand the difference between the ingestion process and the injection process.  Sadly, a lot of people probably have no idea what I just said.
  • The flu vaccine is nothing more than a crap shoot.  Every year a different strain is suspected to be dominant and so vaccine manufacturers just pick one based informed predictions.  They are literally playing weatherman with your health in this regard.  And every year they try and scare all of us into taking them.  Sorry, but I’d rather not trust my health to some executive in a vaccine firm and a government agent.
  • Keep in mind that the vaccine schedule is brought to us by people who refuse to report the relevant stats on things like unborn baby deaths related to vaccine usage.
  • Bill Gates has openly stated that vaccines are a great way to reduce the population.  Whether he means to directly poison people or just covertly sterilize them shouldn’t matter as he is a man with a lot of means.  So when a powerful man who believes that all of us should die off through vaccines, it makes me wonder what he is doing about it.

I could go on, but it’s the end of the day for me.  I am not anti-vaccine, but I am not pro-vaccine either.  I am a vaccine skeptic.  I have a young son now and I have to make my own vaccine schedule because I don’t trust the government’s own schedule due to the fact that the government is always lying.  So far, he has been much more healthy than his fully vaccinated cousin, who is six months older than him.  To be fair, my son doesn’t go to daycare, so that is a huge factor as well.

The hysteria against people who do not wish to overdose their kids with dead viruses (and dead baby cells) is astounding though.  I am amazed at how much malice people have against parents who do not vaccinate their children.  And when anti-vaccine advocates do try to get more scientific studies done, they are met with fear and malice.

It makes me wonder who is right in all of this.  When one side responds to a debate with irrationality, I often find that the more rational side is right.  And the pro-vaccine people have been much more irrational than the anti-vaccine people.