Wednesday, January 8, 2014

More Feminist Bullshit

Our decadent society is slowly self-destructing.  Here’s the latest example:

Last month, according to a report, prosecutors said Gagnon's former girlfriend received an invitation to join one of his Google+ Circles. She'd recently broken up with Gagnon and had obtained a restraining order against him soon afterward. Upon discovering the unwelcome Google+ invite from her ex-beau online, she went down to the local police station with a print-out of the invitation. Roughly 90 minutes later, police arrested Gagnon for his Google+ activity and was later charged with violating the restraining order barring contact with her.

The only wrinkle? Gagnon's attorney claims his client never sent the request, arguing that he "has no idea how the woman ... got such an invitation" and "suggesting that it might have been sent by a robot," The Salem News reports. It sounds like an almost comical mishap fit for a soap opera, but the interaction is a common one on Google+, where it's often unclear how or when users are actually on the service--and whether they actually count as "users" to begin with.

The article largely focuses on Google+ and how it automatically does things like this in order to expand its user base.

But no where in the entire article is it questioned as to why an invitation in a social media service qualifies as violating a restraining order.  Especially since, last I checked, you can decline the invitation and even block the user from further contact.

The mere fact that this man is in jail tells us just how foolish our society has become.  I don’t know this man personally and he may have deserved the restraining order as there are cases where they are just used by bitches who are merely creeped out and not genuinely in any danger.  I will give her the benefit of the doubt in this case.

Then again, she did sick the police on him 90 minutes following the invite, which means she was probably out for blood against this guy.

And that is the sad state of our society, where woman have the entire legal system to be used to their advantage against men.  And not just here but in Western Europe as well, where women can charge you with rape if they didn’t like the sex they got (see Julian Assange).

This will not end well.  As Helen Smith, and so many others, have pointed out, men are checking out of society as men because there is no incentive to be a man anymore.  All the hardships without the benefits.  This applies to just about every aspect of life, from marriage to partying to education to entertainment.  More and more men are done with putting up with this shit and so they are checking out.