Friday, November 8, 2013

Iran Hype

Top headline of the day is that President Obama has relaxed sanctions on Iran.  Secretly.

I’m not all up I in arms about it because, quite honestly, I don’t believe Iran is a threat to the world.  Or the Middle East.  In fact, I think it is only a threat to women who are raped in that nation.  And while I do not condone the stoning of women because they have been forcibly violated, at the same time my own country has its share of problems for me to give two shits about another one.

The problem with the anti-Iran sentiment we see in Israel and within the Zionist elements in the United States is that they have unrealistic and irrational opinions when it comes to Iran.  Iran has demonstrated considerable restraint in the face of the United States trying to provoke them into attacking US military.

The USGov is the aggressor.  USGov navel ships have violated sovereign Iranian waters.  USGov sanctions are acts of war.  The USGov has staged an attempted assassination on a Saudi ambassador to the USGov.

There have been other things.  And through it all, the Iranian government has kept from bombing civilian targets in the United States.

Israel, on the other hand, has been known to destroy USGov navel ships in the past.  Benjamin Netanyahu has been spouting nonsense about a nuclear Iran since the early 1990s, much like Al Gore has been warning us about global warming being eminent in 10 years for over 20 years now.  And yet, I have yet to see verifiable proof that Iran is going nuclear.

I don’t trust the USGov to verify it for me either.  They have been caught lying about such things in the past (see Iraq).

So while this is a step in the right direction for foreign policy, I question it because I am wondering if the sanctions being removed came at a cost to Iran.  More than likely, President Obama got a good deal out of it.

Because when you’re the head of the world’s largest military force and have the authority to use it without popular support, you can extort any nation out of any business interest.