Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The War On Husbands

I read a very frustrating article today entitled “What Do You When A Girl Hits You?”.  It recounted a husband, Joseph Kerr, who went to the police after having been beaten by his wife.  Unfortunately, because he was the man, the police arrested him and now he is unable to even see his daughter.  The State saw fit to deny him the protection his daughter deserves while allowing her to stay with a clearly violent and unstable women.  I shudder to think of what will happen to the girl.

And while that article enraged me, I think the implication is clear: the government is at war with husbands.  Not men.  They are fine with men, so long as they watch football, drink beer, have the occasional barbeque, vote, and pay taxes in some manner.  As long as men are lethargic and stay away from conflict, from engaging people, and from standing up for what is right, the government will be fine with you.

The problem with men is, many of them eventually become husbands.  They marry a woman, settle down, and have children.  More than that, they become the head of the household and as such, become a king in their own little box.  And this is why the government cannot stand husbands: they are competing with them whether either of them realize it or not.

Sure, you can blame feminism and its influence on the massive bureaucracies that serve the government at all levels.  Naturally, many of the policies that involve private matters such as divorce and custody hearings are largely influenced by feminists and their parasitical ideology.  If the tragic end of Tom Ball has taught me anything, it is that the husband is considered the enemy.

I am sure that there are cases where the wife gets the shaft in divorce hearings.  I am sure that happens, but it appears to be rare.  More often than not, the husband is accused of being the aggressor.  And my guess is that most of the time these accusations are baseless.

The Family Court system in the United States is deeply flawed and probably should abolished in favor of a private system of arbitration.  The reason being is that the court system in the United States is heavily influenced by politics and ideologies which many Americans do not actually believe in.  And the judges themselves are either women or Gamma males (women worshippers) who think that women are divine and would never lie.

The legal system is stacked against husbands.  That is not equality, that is not fair, and we are told to not whine about it and to simply man up and pay the exorbitant child support foisted upon ex-husbands.  Even Christian Family groups instruct men in this manner, failing to realize just how unchristian and illogical the very concept of child support is.  These same groups, by the way, do not instruct wives to not divorce in vengeance or spite and to be fair in the process.  In fact, some of them encourage women to get divorces if their husbands don’t make them happy.

There is good reason for all this to be in place.  For one thing, it enriches a whole lot of divorce attorneys who would otherwise be taking modest fees for ensuring a amicable dissolution of marriage.  In many cases, they encourage women to lie in court (see Christopher Titus’ special “Love is Evol” for more information) in order to gain more money out of a divorce proceeding.  There is a special place in Hell for such men and women and if there was any justice left in this country, they’d be there right now.

But there is another far more compelling reason: the elite cannot tolerate a man with responsibilities and obligations.  A husband is a man who has responsibilities.  He has to provide for his family, enforce discipline in both his children and his wife, and be the spiritual leader and guide.  A husband, in the Biblical sense, is the one who gets to decide how his household is run.  Did Abram consult his wife when he packed up and moved his whole family to Canaan?  Did King David allow his first wife to berate him for dancing in the streets?  Did St. Peter allow his wife to get in the way of his ministry?

A husband is supposed to be moral center of his household, the spiritual guide, and the leader of his family.  There is no exceptions to this standard.  While it is a good thing for women to be spiritual, often times they are emotionally fickle and prone to error because of their emotional whims.  This is something that is encouraged these days by our society, especially within Christian churches.

If a husband acts immorally, as we all do from time to time, this does not take away his moral headship.  Unless he directly breaks the covenant with his wife through adultery, he is still the leader, for good or ill.  Now this does not mean that his wife cannot simply pack up and leave should he be violently abusive, but Jesus made it clear that should she divorce and remarry, she is committing adultery.  In fact, Jesus himself said the only legitimate grounds for divorce was adultery.

But this is the one thing that the government cannot abide by.  In an age where the State is considered to be the primary authority in everyone’s lives (from what is murder to how much water flows through your showerhead), it cannot allow husbands to exist as they have in the past.  The elites who run the system want strong-willed, dominant husbands to cease to exist and will only accept sniveling cowards who submit to their wife’s leadership.

The political elite know that men are the ones who shape and change things.  Masculinity has been a trait that marks great ingenuity and independence.  It is one that drives men to become better than their fathers, to be more than just who they were born as.  And because men, especially husbands, have a greater capacity for resistance, independence, and self-determination, the State must destroy them.

And so they have set up and monopolized a legal system that directly targets husbands.  They seek to demoralize and destroy what it means to be the head of the household through legal means.  Their sycophants in the entertainment industry likewise follow suit by portraying husbands as stupid, dull, violent, and childish.  And meanwhile real people are being hurt, especially children who end up having no moral guidance due to the selfish whims of their own mother.

There is a war going on against husbands in the United States.  It is a war that was started decades ago by a combination of man-hating she-demons and power-hungry elites.  And whether you like it or not, you will have to fight it.   So far, husbands have been fighting a defensive war.  But sooner or later, husbands will go on the offensive and when they do, we will see them cower before us all.  From the disrespectful wife to the deranged family court judge, all will be see and know that we will not stand for injustices like Joseph Kerr and so many others have endured anymore.