Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Constant Crisis Mode Leads To Government Shutdown

Well, the Federal government has shutdown.  Except for all essential services, which is just about everything they do that pisses me off anyway, so it doesn’t matter.

But what really caused the shutdown?  A willingness not to compromise?  A government out of control in its spending?

I think it was the constant state of crisis management that has caused this.  The Federal government operates under a constant state of impeding doom, largely a holdover policy from the slightly more reality-based doomsday scenario of mutually assured destruction.

Our Federal government operates like it is in a constant state of war, except there are no invaders within our own borders.  Instead they make a lot of shit up like terrorists (no expanded to include non-violent people like myself and people who create alternate currencies) or drug dealers and use overtly military tactics against our own people.

The FBI seems to be content with entrapping people who never would have become a terrorists before undercover agents coaxed them into going along with a terrorist act.  The CIA seems to be shipping drugs into our country, despite them being illegal.

Meanwhile, every crisis is overblown by the Federal government and their cronies in the mainstream media in order to make you morons into thinking they are necessary.

The Federal government shutdown does nothing.  Essentially, we still pay taxes for the time that the non-essential employees are not working and for the mundanes, nothing much changes.

The march of tyranny must continue, after all.  Parks and recreational “public” services are optional.  But drone strikes against foreign children?  That’s all necessary.

Because of this constant crisis mode we are in, what ended up happening was the Federal government essentially could be shutdown so long as Congress doesn’t approve a budget.  And that is exactly what happened.