Friday, October 18, 2013

Confronting Internet Atheists

I have made no secret of my faith as a Christian.  I believe that humanity has been cursed by sin and that Jesus’ sacrifice has given us all a chance to escape God’s wrath against sinners.

But whatever your beliefs are, I don’t care.  I know that I am commanded to spread the good word and all, but at the end of the day, your standards and your beliefs are your choices.  I have no desire to force my worldview on you and I would hope that you would extend me the same courtesy.

That said, I am often amused with atheists attack Christianity, usually in a much more popular blog’s comment section, because more often than not, they are easy to dismantle and be exposed for the irrational yahoos they really are.

For one thing, I find it amusing that most atheists seem to think they have the monopoly on reason or rationality.  More often than not, they will claim to be the authority on such matters and that anyone who is religious is irrational.  So they will give themselves names like “Voice of Reason” or “Rational Dude” or whatever.  But rationality is usually thrown out the window very quickly when they are properly engaged.

The key thing to keep in mind is that usually, internet atheists are also of the secular Left persuasion, although some will be of a more libertarian or anarchist bent.  You will not find many conservative atheists, although they do exist.  Bearing in mind that the majority of them subscribe to Left-wing Statism, understand that they will always start with the premise that they are right and you are wrong, no matter what the issue is.

This is because the progressive Left-wing literally believes in the righteousness of their cause and so anyone who disagrees is, in their minds, either mentally retarded or mentally unstable.  Dissent is not rational when you are right in the minds of a zealot.

It gets more interesting when an internet atheist will declare that there is no proof of God’s existence.  Except that they fail to cite what kind of evidence they are looking for.  I will grant that there is no scientific evidence of God’s existence because the scientific method cannot be employed to answer such a daunting prospect.

At the same time, however, I argue that it is impossible to prove the existence of Charles Darwin, Karl Marx, and George Washington via scientific evidence.  There is no way to prove that any of those men existed using any kind of science.  There is only historical evidence, which is largely based on people witnessing and recording down events related to said individuals.

More often than not, internet atheists will take a moral stand and imply the Christians are morally inferior to them.  This is easily countered by asking the smug atheist where the source of their morality is coming from.

Christians, you see, derive morality from what God says is good and what He says is evil.  While it is true that this would seem irrational if you don’t believe in a perfectly moral divine being, it is a better explanation for what is right and what is wrong than what internet atheists provide.  Namely, they never bother to answer that question.

Atheists, for all their reason and rationality, cannot rationally justify their own moral code.  They cannot because they do not understand the reason for a moral code in the first place and are unable to identify why there is evil to begin with.  Evolution cannot explain it, no matter how you stretch it.

This last part usually shuts them up and exposes to other people just how irrational atheists really are.  For you see, if you don’t believe in a perfectly moral divine being, then there is simply no such thing as morality.

It also explains why so many of them are politically left-wing: with a lack of God, they look to the State.