Thursday, September 12, 2013

News Reel

Here's a brief list of interesting stories I've read today, along with my comments:

The city of New York has a rash of underground "supper clubs" where people go and eat food made by a stranger. These are considered illegal because these clubs basically avoid all government regulations. In fact, one person admits that the health department (local or otherwise) would probably shut him down. Just another case of how much freedom you don't have in many areas of the country, especially in major cities. Seriously, what is wrong with "clandestine dinner parties"?

According to the US Census, we've won the war on poverty. So let's all end this unnecessary welfare state at all levels, cut spending, and lower taxes already.

In Pittsburgh some residents are facing fines for parking in their own driveway. The State, at all levels and all incantations, requires a pound of flesh from its citizens. And in America, they are asking for more than just one pound.

In Seattle, undercover cops will be wearing the jerseys of opposing NFL teams during Seahawks games. In other words, cops are seeking to entrap people by being assholes at their favorite local sporting event. I wonder who foots the bill for the tickets?

On a lighter note, it seems that some people are willing to speak ill of the dead. To be honest, I applaud the children of this woman, if what they say was true.