Friday, August 16, 2013

Russia's Anti-Gay Laws Are About Preserving Russia

Big controversy in Russia concerning their new anti-homosexuality laws. A Russian world Olympic pole-vaulting champion came out in support of these new laws.

Honestly, I'm more impressed by the Russian government than I am with the so-called rebels. While the law basically added a huge level of sympathy from the Western nations toward the homosexuals living in Russia, I believe it is a step Russia is taking in order to preserve their nation.

After many long years of communism, under which their population declined, not just from genocidal purges, but from the decadence that the removal of religion usually brings. When you break down the traditions that usually hold societies together, like marriage and family, in favor of the State, you see a declining population. Here in the United States, this is coming about as well, although we are not quite at the point where the pendulum is ready to swing back.

The Russian people are on the decline. In a century, if trends continue, there may not be a Russian person in existence. That is how bad things are for them.

Now couple that with the fact that homosexuality, from a purely scientific perspective, is an evolutionary dead end. This is a simple fact that very few biologists will admit to because of their adherence to political ideology rather than devotion to science. If you think about it logically, it's quite simple: homosexuals don't breed. Not naturally anyway. And the easiest way to propagate a species is to breed naturally.

Now, I'm not going to say that there is no "gay" gene. There may well be one or a series of genes that affect patterns in behavioral attractions. There may also be other factors as well. But the fact remains is that homosexuality is not as rampant as portrayed on popular entertainment, with less than 3% of the population in America being either gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender. This rare occurrence of people should be proof enough that homosexuality is an evolutionary dead end.

I'm not a Russian and I don't plan to ever be one, as tempted as I am at times to go the way of Edward Snowden. But I admire their drive to preserve what is left of their country and culture in the face of the cultural decadence of the Western nations.

Note that this law does not outlaw homosexuals or make there behavior illegal in any way. It merely makes it a crime to teach children about it. In other words, it makes it known that children will not be sexualized until they have come of age. So what they are trying to do is encourage breeding behavior in their people in order to ensure the survival of their people.

If only our political leaders had the same drive to preserve our nation and culture.