Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Questions for Virginia Governor's Candidates

In the state of Virginia, there is currently a governor's race largely between former Clinton lackey Terry McAuliffe for the Democrats, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli for the Republicans, and Robert Sarvis for the Libertarian party. Here's a list of questions I would ask each of the candidates in a debate if I was ever allowed to be in the same room with these men:

  1. In spite of the Supreme Court's ruling on the Affordable Healthcare Act, will you as Governor put a stop to the implementation of the fines imposed on people who do not have health insurance?
  2. Will you no longer accept Federal grant money for any reason? This includes money allocated to military-grade weapons, vehicles, and other miscellaneous equipment for law enforcement in various localities.
  3. In early July of 2013, Adam Kokesh's residence was searched by the National Park authority and local Fairfax police. The raid utilized helicopters, an armored vehicle, and roughly 100 law enforcement personnel. The search netted an alleged stash of hallucinogenic mushrooms. The search warrant was issued based on a video that Adam Kokesh did on July 4th in Freedom Plaza where he loaded a shotgun, an act of civil disobedience in response to DC's harsh stance on guns. Was this raid justified by local authorities?
  4. In August of 2012, former marine Brandon Raub was involuntarily detained and placed in a mental institution following comments he made on Facebook. Were Federal authorities right to do so or would you prevent such actions being taken against American citizens as outlined in the NDAA?
  5. Will you advocate a law that abolishes the car tax completely?
  6. Do you advocate abolishing the state income tax, considering that other states who have no state income tax tend to do better in down economic times?
  7. Are property taxes a legitimate function of local government or do they violate a person's right to property?
  8. Given the horrors seen lately involving Child Protective Services, will you perform an extensive audit of the current system in the state of Virginia to find any potential flaws or corruption?
  9. Will you present a balanced budget?
  10. Will you begin a program to have the police officers be investigated by third-party organizations when there are allegations of criminal wrongdoing on the part of a particular district?
  11. Is it lawful for the State of Virginia to refuse to enforce any unconstitutional laws passed by the United States Federal government?
  12. Is it lawful for the State of Virginia to secede from the United States?
  13. When should a SWAT team be utilized by law enforcement?
  14. What is the basic definition of a crime?
  15. Should justice be implemented to enforce restitution to the victims of crimes?
  16. Should the state of Virginia issue marriage licenses given its past history with racial discrimination in this matter?
  17. In your words, can you describe exactly how the GDP is calculated?
  18. What are the two of the three categories of products that are excluded from the CPI-U calculation?
  19. What is the non-aggression principle?
  20. Given that all people are innocent until proven guilty, should people be able to purchase over the counter drugs without having to show valid driver's license?
  21. Should we have less schooling or more?
  22. Should we encourage homeschooling more or seek to improve public schools?
  23. Given that tuition rates are still rising, should more money go to public universities or less?
  24. Should everyone get a college education?
  25. Will you make an effort to seriously investigate voter fraud?
  26. What laws will you encourage the Virginia legislature to abolish or repeal?
  27. Do speeding tickets encourage safety or are they just another source of revenue for the state or locality from which they are issued?
  28. Are sobriety checkpoints constitutional under the 4th Amendment?
  29. Should marijuana be legalized?
  30. Should the ABC chains be privatized?