Thursday, July 18, 2013

What Are The Benefits Of Being Patriotic?

I know that many of the things I write about are probably considered unpatriotic by many, especially among mainstream conservatives whose thoughts are only of war and death. I have been openly critical of not just political parties, but military and police, which are the sacred cows of mainstream conservatives.

But of what value is patriotism? Does it provide me with some unknown benefit in our current culture and society?

Do I get to avoid the TSA screenings at airports? After all, as a patriot, I wouldn't be a terrorist. If I am a patriot, there is no reason for me to carry dangerous materials, except for self-defense purposes, right?

Will the NSA stop storing all of my electronic social activity using their PRISM system? Since I would be a patriot, instead of a regular jack-off, wouldn't it be prudent then to assume that there is no need to collect all the information.

If I load a gun in public, will I be exempt from any subsequent retaliation from the Federal government? Granted, carrying around a loaded gun is not necessarily a wise idea, but at the same time, I'm not intending to harm any government agents as I'm a patriot.

If I make threatening comments on Facebook or in a multiplayer video game in jest, will I be able to avoid prison? After all, I am just exercising my free speech and have no real intention of shooting school teachers are starting a revolution.

Do I get to avoid speeding tickets? As a patriot my time is valuable and therefore there is no reason to restrict me from my own patriotic duties.

Do I get a tax deduction or tax credit for being a patriot? My money could be better used for patriotic purposes.

As a white man, do I get to avoid public scrutiny for my statements about people who are either not my race or gender? As a patriot, I should because regardless of my race, ethnicity, or gender, I am not prejudice against others. Except for Muslims.

I suppose I could go on, but to be honest, I think I've made my point. Just as the government has essentially destroyed any advantage of marriage to men, it has destroyed any value of being patriotic. To be a patriot means to support murder, mayhem, and malice as that means you support all actions of the government, except the ones you don't agree with, which are few and dependent on the party in power.