Thursday, July 25, 2013

Modern Tyranny

Every government law, edict, mandate, or directive is one that is enforced with the threat of death. I know that seems like a extreme statement, but it is a true statement and there is no avoiding it. Even in the little laws, like seat belt laws, are enforced on threat of death.

The government does not exist to serve the people. It never really did. This is why the notion of democracy has failed. Instead of creating a group of rulers who are directly accountable to the people, it has instead created a ruling class who is willing to lie, cheat, steal, and sometimes murder anyone to get the power they think they deserve.

If you are still skeptical about this, then consider this: say you refuse to pay your personal property taxes on your car. You believe that the government shouldn't charge you an annual fee for owning property and so you refuse to pay it. The local government would then send you a fine in addition to the payment after a few months. You refuse to pay that, know that this is extortion. They then proceed to try and impound your vehicle, however, you decide to fight back and chase away the tow truck with a firearm in hand. Then the local police arrive with their guns and if you refuse to comply with them, they will shoot you. While they are probably poor shots, they will ultimately kill you and probably wound any bystanders who happen to be nearby.

This is a hypothetical situation, of course, and I doubt any reasonable person would ever escalate it, however, the point is that everything that is dictated to us by the government comes with the threat of death.

This is why you cannot have a highly centralized system: it simply forces all of us do its bidding regardless of the consequences, which are usually heaped upon the common people and not the governing body. Remember Mao Zedong? How through his own incompetence as a ruler he got millions of his own people to starve during his Great Leap Forward?

Governing authorities were supposed to simply administer simple justice and maintain basic defense of the people. But there are always people who think they can save the world through force. And they are willing to create as many dead people, steal as much as they can, and tell any lie they can in order to achieve that goal.

This is the true tyranny we face: not brutal lords or kings whose selfish desires can be satisfied, but moral busybodies who are out to turn themselves into gods, through whatever means necessary, and leave the rest of us either slaves or dead, depending on how useful we are to them. Every leader in this country and elsewhere in the Western world, along with some of the East Asian governments, believes this and is looking to accomplish this task in some way or another.

This is worse than any conquering army from a foreign land. These are people who have demonic visions for the future. They have made monuments to their goals all over the Western world. Hell, just read up on the Georgia Guidestones if you don't believe me.

Meanwhile, most people are complacent because to do otherwise means death at the hands of a government slave. This is the modern tyranny we face. God help us.