Monday, July 29, 2013

Government Always Lies

Looks like the Department of Defense is starting to catch on to the fact that they are liars and that the public's image of them isn't exactly rosy:

On Thursday, the DoD bemoaned and the fact that, because of citizen journalists, social media and other online platforms reporting news in real time, the public is more quickly becoming aware of the constant patterns of contradictions and habitual lying by a government long ago captured by a group of corrupt interests.

“..we cannot hide our bad news stories. Bad news gets out one way or the other and we must come to terms with telling bad stories as well as the good,” the secretary of defense for public affairs, George Little, stated at the Defense Media Activity’s headquarters on Fort Meade in Maryland.

“When bad things happen, the American people should hear it from us, not as a scoop on the Drudge Report,” Little said.

This comes from Info Wars and I encourage people to read it in full.

The government always lies. What they are lying about and why they are lying is really what you have to figure out (credit to Vox Day for the idea). Lying is in their nature because they are not honest people.

It's not hard to understand. You have political operatives at the top dictating that the employees under them produce results favorable to the current administration. This means that if they are producing economic reports, those reports will be skewed. If they are reporting on military operations, then they are going to lie about the number of dead enemies or lie about who the people were they have killed. In that case, innocent civilians attending a funeral who are killed in a drone strike are considered terrorist collaborators.

Why do they lie? Because it's part of the job. Because lies strengthen their hold on people. All governments exist at the behest of the people they govern. Everyone at the top of the government ladder knows this. And because they always like to take credit for all the good things that happen, they will lie in order to ensure that the people think that they are responsible. And, of course, everything bad that happens is never their fault.

It has been like this since the beginning of civilizations. The monarch was responsible for the prosperity because of his faithful devotion to his gods or because he was a god himself. In the same way, bad things happened because they did not sacrifice enough children or have enough sex with the temple prostitutes. Or the foreign country has displease their own god for some reason.

It is the same way in our modern society, except instead of gods it's science or stimulus or laws. When there was no economic recovery, the excuse was that it wasn't enough stimulus. It was global warming, now the buzzword is climate change.

I suppose that it will be like this until the end of this world, however that will happen. Most people just simply don't care how things get fixed or resolved, so long as it doesn't affect them. There is nothing inherently wrong with this, but I think that people should just be aware that when a government official presents himself as an angel of some kind, you should realize that you are dealing with a man. And like a man, you are should know that they will be subject to the same vices that you are, however, they usually don't have to deal with the consequences as you do.