Saturday, June 8, 2013

The United States Is Not a Free Market Country; It Is Fascist

The United States is not a capitalist country.  At least not in the free market sense, but more in the Marxist sense, which can better be described as a Fascist economic system.  Case in point, note this appointment to Sprint’s board of directors:

Sprint Nextel Corp. says retired Admiral Mike Mullen, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, will join the company’s board of directors and serve as its security director.

Sprint said Friday that Mullen will take on the new positions after SoftBank’s proposed $20.1 billion takeover of the company is complete. The deal faced government scrutiny over concerns that SoftBank, a Japanese company, uses Chinese networking equipment that could leave U.S. networks vulnerable to snooping and hacking.

Mullen, 66, will be the company’s contact with the government for all security measures.

The Softbank takeover of Sprint still needs FCC and shareholder approval but is expected to be complete in July.

Note a few points about this article:

  • The appointment of a retired admiral to Sprint has nothing to do with national security.  Any national security concerns could be met without some old guy who probably knows less about cell phones than you do.  The reason for this appointment is clearly done as a means to strong-arm a private company into hiring a retired, top-ranked military head.  It happens all the time where former Congress-people are given cushy jobs somewhere solely because they can lobby for the company.
  • In a free market system, the government has no business approving anything.  The FCC is not regulating “public” airwaves here, but private ones owned by Sprint.  So for them to intervene demonstrates that they are not following their original protocol, but an expanded one.

The fact remains that our nation has not been running a free market economic system for a long time now.  Hell, I don’t know if our nation has ever been free market.  But I do know that most people (idiots) will read this and assume that this is all part of the free market system we live under.  Because I have choices between McDonalds and Wendy’s and Burger King.