Tuesday, June 25, 2013

More Voting Means More Tyranny

As a liberty-minded, freedom-loving antiutopian, I believe that every human being, no matter what state of mind or stage of life they are in, has a right to their life, liberty, and property.  No other individual has any right to take away any of these things by force or fraud unless enacting justice.  To me, there is no other right that any individual can possess.  Everything else is merely luxury.

Of course, tell that to the average idiot and they might ask about other non-existent rights such as voting.  Voting is one of those activities which on the surface seems all well and good yet for some reason, the more of it that occurs, the more tyrannical our society becomes.

In the turn of the last century, we saw a rise in the attitude that more and more people needed to be able to vote.  Not just for chief executives or legislatures, but for judges, prosecutors, and many other positions that were made by political appointment.  Thus, at the Federal level, we see the passage of the Seventeenth Amendment, which called for direct elections of Senators, where as before they are appointed by the state legislatures.

This was followed by the Federal government and the several States finding the “right” of women to vote.  Of course, there was nothing in the Constitution that prohibited women from voting in the first place and there already seven states that permitted.  Then there was the Voting Rights Act, a reaction to the civil rights movement.  Now, I don’t think that minorities should be excluded from voting luxuries solely based on the color of their skin but at the same time, it seemed odd to me that they purposely struck down literacy tests.  In other words, they allowed more stupid people to vote.

And that is the primary problem with expanding the voter roles: the more people voting means more stupid people voting.  Despite low voter turnouts, it is always the people who have the most to lose who seem to turn out to vote.  The elderly, who are generally retired and on the government dole, tend to vote in huge numbers, usually for people who outright lie to them and promise them that they won’t cut their Social Security and Medicare benefits.  Meanwhile, the young, who are more concerned with their own lives and wish not to bring harm to others.

These are just generalizations, of course, but all in all, most people who vote do so because they wish for something to be fixed or maintained while the people who don’t vote are people who are do not believe that they politicians they are voting for are not worthy of wielding power over all of us for one reason or another.

In other words, the people who probably should be voting are not inclined to do so while the people who are voting are generally Utopian assholes.  This is why an ever expanding voting bloc merely expands tyranny and the pillaging of the Producer class while empowering the Looter and Moocher classes.

The best solution is limiting voting to people who do not take money from government, either as a privilege or in exchange for services rendered, and to have a serious intelligence test when people register to vote.

Of course, this means a political solution which requires voting.  And good luck getting voters to vote against voting.