Thursday, May 9, 2013

12 Year Old Stands Up to Cop

I’ve seen videos of police officers intimidating young people, so it’s nice to see the opposite for a change.

If a police officer cannot be bothered to obey the little laws, how much more will he disobey the big ones when things are really bad?  And we all wonder why Boston become a police state in a matter of hours following the Boston bombing.

The police who behave like this have no interest in serving and protect.  That slogan is nothing more than propaganda to lull the dumb masses into thinking the police are guardian angels when in fact they are merely men with legal use of force and usually higher than average paychecks.

On a related note, I remember reading about the Soviet revolution in Russia and how one of the things that disgusted people was how the Orthodox priests were given special privileges.  Is this not the same thing, only instead of state-sanctioned religion, it’s just the state.  Some days I wonder if separating church and state was a good idea considering the sheer lack of morality among modern day bureaucrats, uniformed or otherwise.