Friday, March 1, 2013

The Death of Our Nation

The world is a mess.  It always has been.  It probably always will be for as long as mankind remains mortal.

And no matter what religion you ascribe to, or don’t ascribe to, you can be sure that just about everyone agrees that something is wrong with the world.  Like it was supposed to be better but somehow, it has lost itself.

I can’t speak for other religions, mostly because I have not studied them nor practiced them, but Christianity and Judaism teach us that the world lost its “perfection” when the first Man and Woman sinned against God.  From that point on, the world was cursed by God and mankind suffered the ultimate price for the evil that Adam had committed: death.

And so mankind has created massive civilizations that were always better than the past one only  to seem them collapse on their own corruption and degeneration.  Whatever the dominant moral principle was in that society was abandoned.  Whatever was the cornerstone of that civilization was rejected in some way.

The result is always the same: collapse, destruction, and despair.

My point in all of this is that the United States is no different.  The cornerstone of our nation was the Constitution.  It wasn’t a perfect document.  It had its ambiguous meanings that were open to interpretation.  It had loopholes that have allowed subtle power grabs.  It also failed to provide clear recourse for leaders who openly violate it.  Maybe the Founding Fathers were too optimistic of human nature in the Republic they designed.   Whatever the case may be, it was still the law of the land.

A more fundamental belief is that Christianity played a large role in the drafting of the Constitution, along with some of the Enlightenment-era philosophers, such as John Locke.  While the beliefs of the Founding Fathers did play a crucial role in the creation of the Constitution, understand that the Constitution is not a Christian document nor was this nation founded as a Christian nation in the sense that Iran or Saudi Arabia are Islamic nations.

Today, roughly 80% of the people who live in this country claim to be Christian.  This is not speculation on my part, but based on what George Barna observed and wrote about in his book The Seven Faith Tribes.  He also wrote that 66% of all Americans claim to be Christian, but do not take their faith all that seriously based on their actions and behaviors.  This is readily apparent in how the entertainment industry tends to cater to the lowest common denominator (mostly sex and violence) in order to entertain us.  Or in how the Bible Belt treats Ron Paul when he urges people to love their neighbor as themselves.

In any case, it is quite clear that the very foundations of the United States are being either outright ignored, ridiculed, or paid lip-service too by the majority of people in this nation.  It is unfortunate as this country is currently a representative democracy and, as such, we are get lower and lower quality men and women who seek office as a result.

Now, I’m not saying that the men and women of yesteryear were perfect, but many of them were certainly better people than the slime we have to deal with these days.  In many cases, for example, the hint of extra-martial affairs was probably enough to sink a politicians career.  These days, if a politician gets caught with a nearly underage intern in a homosexual affair, he’d be let off the hook.

I don’t think that a collapse of the United States government will be a huge, civilization-crushing event for the majority of Americans.  The fact is, most of us tend to live out our lives without too much direct need from the government.  It will make things harder for many of us in the short-term, but in the long run things may get much better as the pieces are picked up.  So long as the right people pick up the pieces (and to be sure, those people better be armed to the teeth in order to ensure liberty is preserved).

But the state of things within the government is always a good indication of how far gone our civilization is, considering the people provide direct legitimacy to these drug-addicted sex hounds who presume to rule over us.