Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Post Election Analysis

Now that we are past the national election, I’d like to share my meaningless thoughts on it along with the rest of the blogosphere.

For one thing, I’ve been reading a lot of speculations as to why Mitt Romney lost.  By all accounts, he should have won.  He had all the credentials (Goldman Sachs support, Bilderberg support) and he was willing to continue the Republican neocon policies which President Obama had expanded.  And he was willing to maintain the Affordable Healthcare Act, just as something slightly different.

President Obama, on the other hand, had done next to nothing to make the economy better.  Not that he didn’t try, just that it obviously didn’t work and he stopped trying after the first stimulus go around.  I’m not complaining about that, as I’m pretty sure that the more positive unemployment report of 22% unemployment (the real numbers) had more to do with him doing nothing.  Keynesian economics is just a pipe dream of theory which has never been proven in real life, much like Socialism as an economic theory has yet to proven despite a century of trying.

The fact is, it was real easy to beat Obama and Mitt Romney ran one of the most mediocre campaigns I’ve ever seen.  Obama was not even trying to win this year as most of the enthusiasm of 2008 was gone.  But Mitt Romney did not inspire Republicans or Independents and so he lost because voters always default to the incumbent when they have no strong feelings either way.  President Obama won by default.  Seriously, when the best reason that people have to vote for you is that you are not the other guy, then you are in serious trouble.

Meanwhile, I’m reading about various Republican talk radio show hosts like Rush Limbaugh or Michael Savage lamenting the end of the United States because of what happened yesterday.  But all that doom and gloom is too little, too late as the United States has been on a downward spiral for a long time now and will probably cease to exist in a century.  In truth, the election of President Obama is the best thing for such commentators as not only do they still get their boogeyman to demonize, they also will see President Obama preside over an even larger financial collapse.

The fact is, there will be a major financial collapse in the coming years.  I cannot predict it with certainty, and to be honest Obama may dodge that disaster in this term, but with the financial sector literally stealing from their customers and continuing the same short-sighted policies, it should be obvious to anyone with half a brain.  And if Mitt Romney had won and the financial sector did undergo another collapse, it would have been blamed on capitalism, which is exactly the opposite of how the financial sector operates.  In a truly free market system, there would be no such thing as fractional reserve banking over an extended period of time.

As for me personally, I voted for neither because both men are the same on just about every issue.  Both are pro-choice, pro-corporatists, pro-war, pro-drone strikes, and anti-freedom.  Neither candidate came anywhere close to what I wanted in a leader as both men can’t even act like the head of their own households and family.

As for the third parties, none of them appealed to me either.  While Gary Johnson got a lot of support, he was never a true libertarian, despite being a member of the Libertarian party.  Anyone who thinks that the institution of marriage is a State-run institution is a Statist.

So I did the only sane thing: I wrote my own name in, like I said I would.  Ultimately, though, I didn’t care who won because either way, we would still face tyranny and eroding civil rights from both sides.  And both sides have no desire to balance the budget, cut back on spending, and seem Hell-bent on arming the local police force with tanks they don’t need.  What that tells me is that they are more interested in totalitarian rule following the next collapse rather than actually fixing problems.

I don’t know why people voted for Romney or Obama.  As far as I can tell, there is no good reason to vote for either so I can only speculate as to why Romney lost and Obama won.  But at the end of the day, I don’t know and neither do any pundits, pollsters, or politicians.