Friday, October 5, 2012

Return of Lovecraft Friday: Lovecraft Month

Since the United States likes to celebrate a long-dead pagan holiday with horrors and other weird things, I think I should share my own.  I stopped doing Lovecraft Fridays, largely because I was running low on material, but I’d like to bring them back this October.  H.P. Lovecraft invented a whole new genre of horror, one that has been imitated by the best horror writers of the last century.  His cosmic horror is probably the best kind as it doesn’t exactly throw around buckets of blood and sometimes, it can truly be terrifying (the first time I read The Nameless City, I got claustrophobia just thinking about the small, dark spaces).

So, I’m starting off this month with a really interesting short film called Black Goat:

There were a thousand of them, didn’t he know?