Monday, August 13, 2012

The Arrogance of Romney’s VP Pick

Willard “Mitt” Romney is an arrogant asshole.  I know that this is probably no big surprise to anyone who regularly read any blogs or articles worth reading, but I think his latest action merits that it be repeated.

By picking a vice presidential running mate before the Republican National Convention has been held, he is essentially saying that he has won the nomination and that the whole convention is merely a formality and not a serious discourse in politics.  Of course, most people know that it is, but whatever happened to holding to the illusion of freedom and that your vote matters.

Essentially, the Romney is telling Ron Paul, who is still in the race, that he lost and there is no hope for him getting the nomination at the convention.  Now, I know that even if the Republican party played fair and actually counted the votes correctly, instead of calling the SWAT on Ron Paul supporters at the various caucus and primary meetings, there probably still would be no hope of Ron Paul winning.

So now we have a presumptive-nominee, who has had his cronies steal as many delegates from Ron Paul as much as possible, picking a vice presidential running mate.

I wish conservatives, who are the party’s base and do steer them in the directions they go in from time to time, would have paid attention to all of these injustices and realize that they were duped into voting for Romney all along.  The entire Presidential race in the Republican party with them seemed to be a game of pick the guy who is not Romney or Paul.  There was an endless parade of “frontrunner” candidates who seemed to fill the void and each and every one of them proved to be a total douchebag.

So the conservatives, like in all the past elections, defaulted to Romney.  Now we have rallies of 10K people, where before when there 7 Republicans in the running he could barely get a few dozen to rally around him.  Somehow, he’s now a conservative and he’s picked a conservative vice president to boot.

Never mind that Paul Ryan cannot balance a Federal government budget to save his life (but it was supported by conservatives because he would ensure the continued bombing of Muslim children), has voted just about corporate bailout imaginable, and probably would’ve voted for Obamacare had it been McCaincare or Bushcare.

I am glad, however, that Romney did pick his own private boy toy to be his Vice Presidential running mate.  Those two are peas in a pod, with Romney flip-flopping so much that Teresa Heinz-Kerry probably got into Romney’s bed due to her understandable confusion and Paul Ryan spouting conservative platitudes while voting for bigger government.  Both men are more concerned with power.

It is obvious that Romney seeks to capture the uncertain conservative vote with his Paul Ryan pick.  In doing so, he has also basically given the middle finger to all the people who respected and participated in the nomination process and worked hard to make this the most honest process not seen in a long time.

But for now, let’s all drink to the Ryan and praise Romney for his wisdom in duping the dumb conservatives.