Monday, June 25, 2012

Partisan Hacks, I Hate You So Much!

The most annoying and frustrating group of people in the political realm of the United States are the partisan hacks.  Being a political partisan is not something I have problems with personally.  I think more and more politicians should be partisan when it comes to their principles.  The worst kind of man is one whole will compromise with the enemy and thus abandon their own principles in order to create some form of faux unity.

Partisan hacks are a different breed than your run of the mill partisanship.  These are the people who enjoy the Republican versus Democrat paradigm.  They have no real ideas of their own, just to follow the standing orders of their party masters and love to create perceived conflicts when at the end of the day, it is clear that both Republicans and Democrats are just two sides of the same coin.

They can even get to the point of being brazenly hypocritical.  For example, I recall WMAL’s own Chris Plante once declare that President Bush saved the banking system where as President Obama was destroying it.  Never mind that this was clearly a misinterpretation of the facts (are the banks really doing OK?), he was clearly saying that the policies both Barack Obama and George W. Bush both had were different in some way.

This is a perfect example of hack partisanship.  It is the irrational support of your party.  If the party leaders decided to change policies and do the exact opposite of what they had been doing, then that is the new policy.  Think of when the Inner Party in 1984 decided to change the country that they were at war with in the middle of their grand, patriotic celebration and how the people denied that there any funny business going on.

These are the most dangerous sort of people, largely because they tend to peddle a lot of influence with the more principle and pragmatic individuals who just want something to work and care not for the two-party system.  Ann Coulter, as another example, is a huge partisan hack.  I have read a few of her books and at no time does she ever indicate that Republicans are wrong in any way (except when one of them supported abortion).  Yet she frequently targets Democrats and illustrates this well in her books.  While I found her writing style amusing, it was clear to me that her loyalty is not to conservatism, as she claims, but just plain Republicanism.  Sadly, she is now nothing more than a Willard Romney mouthpiece who keeps on arguing that Romney is conservative and will do everything he says.  But if you judged him by his political record, you’d note that Romney is a huge Statist and probably just as bad as Obama.  He can’t even reasonably be considered to be a social conservative, given his past statements on abortion.

These people anger me because they think that somehow, if their party was in control, then everything will be great.  Sorry, but I think it doesn’t matter which party is in control of the Federal government, just the one that decides to cut spending and move us all back to the constitutional system that our founders envisioned.

While I do not fault the Democrat partisan hacks, because I don’t expect Left-wing Statists to be rational or sane in any discourse, the conservative ones should know better.  But, as I said, they are just another side to the coin, this time the insanity coin.  We have tried voting for Republicans and they borrowed a bunch of money and gave it away to their buddies will citing us as collateral.  We have voted for Democrats and they just borrowed a bunch of money and gave it away to their buddies citing us as collateral.  And I am supposed to remain loyal to a particular party?

That is why this year’s election is probably the least exciting election ever.  We have two men who are essentially puppets, who will say anything (literally anything) to get into office and win favor with the dumb masses and all the while everything is duped by these partisan hacks into believing it all matters.

What truly matters is a President who is willing to send to Congress a budget that is about 1/3 of the current spending levels, who will veto every bill passed by Congress on principle, and who will begin to dismantle all the worthless and expensive agencies that do nothing more than harass the average citizen and take away our everyday ordinary rights.

But I don’t see anyone like that stepping up and winning anytime soon.  It’s OK, though, because according to the hacks, things will be fine if we get Obama out or keep him in.