Friday, April 6, 2012

Sorry Old Folks: You’re Dying In A Ditch

Attention Old People: you are going to die in a ditch.

That’s right.  The government is broke now and has over 111 trillion in liabilities, most of which are to you and those who are retiring soon.  This means that the government will default on you and take away all that money that was supposedly an investment for you.

You expect them to pay you?  You do realize that the government is not obligated to pay you any Social Security, Medicare, or Medicaid money which you have allegedly invested with them, right?  The federal courts have made that determination a long time ago, long before you were even considering retirement.

Do you expect the government to stop all their foreign wars and end most other government agencies in order to pay you to do nothing all day?  There is no reason they will and I doubt they will ever try, even if Ron Paul were President.  This is because there has never been a government agency that our leaders did not like, despite statements to the contrary.  Did you know that there are over 15 agencies solely devoted to intelligence gathering?  While the CIA is the most prominent, there are plenty of other ones around that do the same job.  Not even George W. Bush reigned this in after 9/11.  The best he could do was create another layer on top of it by adding an “Intelligence Czar”, a concept that President Obama has expanded into various other sections he wants to control like health, jobs, and probably masturbation (come to think of it, the SEC probably is run by the masturbation czar considering no one was fired for looking at porn eight hours a day while Bernie Madoff attempted his own Social Security scam).

As for the foreign wars, well, both parties seem Hell-bent (and Hell is probably where these assholes are going) on bombing and massacring millions of men, women, and children while giving our troops anti-psychotic drugs in order to keep them from suffering the psychological after-affects that most normal people with a conscience have.  They want to go to war with just about every nation that cannot possibly fight back in order to cull the population into more manageable levels.  This has been the objective of the elites for some time, as they have always wanted no more than 500 million human beings on the planet.  Also, the countries they are invading or trying to invade right now are countries who have resources which many in power are heavily invested in.  It is about control and greed.  Sooner or later, they will invade Iran and further bankrupt themselves.

Speaking of the culling of the human population, I suspect that they will start euthanizing people over a certain with certain medical conditions.  This is already being done in Europe, but here they may just simply deny coverage through Medicare or Medicaid to people with terminal illnesses.  They’ll claim that it can’t be paid for as they are already bleeding money faster than a slit wrist.  They’ll claim that those people are going to die anyway and so why should they be treated?  Many people reading this already believe in such wickedness anyway.  But then, over time, they will simply start outright killing people who reach a certain age and have no discernable usefulness, an arbitrary term that will depend on the whims of a bureaucrat.  This is what happens in totalitarian states such as the one ours is becoming.  Eventually, they won’t bother to administer a lethal dose of a drug; they will just put a bullet in your brain.  The reason for this simple: bullets are cheaper than drugs and they are more reliable.

The solutions?  Well, there are plenty, but nothing that people want to hear.  First of all, there is the option of raising taxes.  Unfortunately, this relies on the income of the young, a whole generation that has higher unemployment and less motivation to work than current retirees.  Many of them are living with their parents, working at most 20 hours a week, and not advancing their careers in any meaningful way.  Sure there are plenty of exceptions, but why work when you can be on your parent’s health insurance until you turn 26?  Why work when you can mooch?  It gets even better as these people have children out of wedlock and then further burden their parents with guilt as they do not want their grandchildren to live on the streets with their parents.  I’ve seen this in action more times than I’d like to have seen to well-meaning and good people.

As for the parents themselves, they are slowly leaving the workforce themselves.  As they reach age 50+, they are more likely to wind down their productivity and they are more likely to be laid off.  After all, why should a business keep a person hired if they are overpaid for the work they have been given?  They too will retire early with insufficient savings and start working part-time retail or unskilled service jobs which will yield no tax revenues to speak of.  In other words, there isn’t going to be any tax revenues to speak of to cover the future expenses of the elderly.

The second option is to cut spending.  But, as I have indicated earlier, no party in power wants to cut spending, save for a few rogue individuals here and there.  The vast majority of politicians who run Congress do not wish to balance the budget.  Hell, Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget is a joke as it balances the budget in 30 years.  By then you’ll be dead in the ditch, assuming it passes and works as advertised.

The third option is to print more money in order to meet the liability demands.   This option is the most likely path the government will take as they can do so without having to worry about the voters.  The voters have no say in the amount of money that gets printed, you see, as it is no longer under the direct control of Congress.  The problem with this option is that it requires people to go into debt in order to get that money into circulation.  This is why I do not buy into the arguments of the hyper-inflationist as they forget about the impact of consumer debt on inflation.  And consumer debt has dropped drastically as homes are sold or foreclosed on, most young people who aren’t living with their parents are renting much longer than they should, and most people are paying off their existing debts and not taking on more debt.  This has all the workings of debt deflation.  Combine that with the fact that interest rates are nearly 0%, nobody is saving for the future either which means less money can be lent out by banks.

The final option is to move in with your children.  But your children already have their own children living with them, are already starting to retire, and have no wealth to take care of you, much less themselves.  Also you have mistreated your children by allowing their brothers and sisters to be aborted and allowed just about every activity under the sun illegal.  Why should they house the very people who despised them for so long?  So that option is not worth exploring.

I wish that none of these problems were coming to a head.  I wish that the elderly had properly taken care of themselves early on and saved for their golden years in order to cover all of their expenses, including healthcare.  But they did not despite being one of the wealthiest generations the world has ever seen.  I know I have written some ugly things in this post, but they are the truth.  All of these things means one final fate for the elderly: you are going to die in a ditch.

I’m sorry but that is just the way it is.