Friday, December 2, 2011

Stir-Crazy Streaming Ramblings

I know it is Friday, but I just cannot shake the feeling that something is off.  It is like the whole world around has gone wrong and I cannot seem to notice.  Perhaps I have not taken the right pill today.  Perhaps I have not taken the right action.

Whatever, all I know is that the world is being destroyed around me and the people are cheering and celebrating like nothing is wrong.  It is Friday after all.  Time to go out and hit the streets, the clubs, the restaurants, the movies, the televisions, and the computers.

Time to forget about your life and live for the moment.  Because the moment is all you have.

Scratch that, the moment is gone as it was stolen.  Or lost.  I cannot remember anymore.  And I suppose it does not really matter.

In any case, it is time to search and seek out pleasure, happiness, and fulfillment.  The entertainment addiction you have is what drives you.  You cannot stand boredom because you will find that empty hole in your life.  Or perhaps you do not mind the silence and the quiet.  Because you do not have internal voices anymore.

The front of your head is spinning in all directions as you try to navigate the video game known as life.  The graphics are the most realistic you have ever seen.  They even got that whole sensation of being drunk down right.  You can barely hold your pistol as you wave it wildly at the insane crowds.  Good thing it is only silly putty otherwise you might have hurt someone.

I walked past you though, dressed in a trench coat.  Dressed to kill.  Sunglasses on at night looking like I could pull a katana from my hammer space and slice you in half in an instance despite no obvious indication formal Kendo training.  Besides, you made sure that the Hammer space option was turned off, right?

I feel dismal, dreary, and depressed.  But I should not be.  For some reason, though, things just do not seem right.

The whole vacation weekend should have taken care of it all.  But for some reason things still seem off and I cannot put my finger on it.

Maybe I am just a big, stupid whiner and I need to go home.  Work has become a joke at this late in the hour anyway.

And this cough does not seem to leave me.  Well, it does but it always comes back in the evening.

Anyway, I suppose this is the end of ends.  I am getting closer to death every minute and yet I no farther away from life than I was when I was born.  Wow, that was cheesy.

Cloudy, I head home in a beat up, decade old car.  At least I am not making payments on it.  Someday….

I suppose one day it will all make sense.  Or one day I just will not care all that much.  Either way, I guess it will work out.  Then maybe I will see the strings in motion, as they hum that glorious tune that I vaguely recall in my dreams but immediate forget when I wake up.

Time to go and man up.  Be the man to those who need it and leave these thoughts to myself.

Oh wait….