Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Responding to a Bible-Thumping Social Conservative

Responding to a person in the one of the forums I post in (I’ve posted my response there as well):

“Fiscal Conservatives” reject social conservatism, and they suppose that they stand against communism/socialism and stand for personal responsibility, i.e. the no work, no eat ethic of James Smith at Jamestown, which considers it unproductive and immoral to take the fruits of another’s labors - the body, blood, sweat and even tears that comes with toil. On an individual level this is called stealing/thievery. And, when sanctioned as a rule by a society, it is called slavery.

Communism/socialism is the devil’s ploy to empower his minions, clear the way for the eventual rule of antichrist, and undermine the Salvation of man. As the devil is God’s monkey, at first glance the general tenet of communism/socialism might appear to be a “Christianity” without Christ, but, being without Christ, of course it is totally distorted and is only used to deceive man. It is a lifestyle that is forced upon others by deceit or “out of the barrel of a gun”, against their God-given free will, and is antithetical to True Christianity.

In order to dupe the masses into submission, communism seeks to abolish absolute morality/social conservatism and True Religion (that is why Tsar Nicholas II, the last worldly protector of Orthodox Christianity, was murdered along with his whole family in Russia).

And, in order to prevent man from even thinking about reaching for the highest needs as presented in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, communism/socialism focuses on, and caters to, the basest needs and animal urges of humans in exchange for their very souls. And having no recourse to True Religion, once they have sold their souls, they are the devil’s disciples and will do anything to protect their bounty and keep it viable, as very insightfully revealed by the very evil character in the movie “The Tourist” when he said “he has taken from me something [money] for which I have paid the infinite price, my soul”.

The love of money, such as Judas and by extension apparently “Fiscal Conservatives” have, does not engender the Grace and help of God, which is required to personally overcome the snare of the devil and his angels and minions. I say personally because eventually the reign of the antichrist will come and therefore our victory is in our enduring until the end, in our personal fight/struggle to avoid being numbered as one of the devil’s disciples/coconspirators, whether knowingly or not does not matter if we reject the teachings of Christ outright. It will be the fruit of our labors that will reveal all - did we contribute to clearing the way for the eventual rule of antichrist or not?

So, “Fiscal Conservatives”, if you truly want to work against communism, you must embrace morality/social conservatism too!

And “Christian”, if you go along with, or support, a “Fiscal Conservative” in any way because you think that he is the lesser of two evils or is a stepping stone, know that you are allying yourself with a “useful idiot” of the devil himself and will need to answer for it.

It is no secret that most of the Founding Fathers, the ones who wrote the Constitution anyway, were mostly Christian, with a few rare exceptions.  They applied their principles and philosophies into the United States Constitution in an effort to create a more stable Republic than the one laid out by the Articles of Confederation.  It was an effort to ensure that the States worked together in a more cooperative manner than they had been.

Despite many of them being profoundly Christian, they choose to keep specific religious laws out of it and leave such matters to the States.  This is why the First Amendment was passed, in order to ensure that the Federal government did not set up a national church like England had.  Instead, they laid out the groundwork for what the Federal government could do, implying (implicitly at first, though the Tenth Amendment made it explicit) that the Federal government could do anything outside of the scope of what was written down.

Christian morality is at the heart of this nation or at least was for a very long time.  Even in this day and age, there are roughly 82% of Americans who say they are Christian, so we can say that we are Christian nation, despite the apparent moral breakdowns, although my generation has done less drugs and fornicated less than the Baby Boom generation.

In any case, if you mean that social conservatism is concerned with matter of Christian morality being codified into law, it is unconstitutional for the Federal government to do so, by and large and such matters should be left to the States.  But the problem with the rampant immorality is not necessarily because of a lack of laws or a lack of enforcement of said laws.  After all, the Federal government has over 10,000 laws on the books and each State probably has thousands as well.  The problem is not a lack of laws or a lack of law enforcement but a sick society.

For example, if everyone held life as sacred, then abortion would not even be an issue as it would barely cross our minds.  As such, no one would consider any law regarding such a despicable thing and probably just equate it to murder, a law that should already be on the books.  Use of drugs like heroin are often done because of a lack of meaning or emptiness in a person's life.  A Christ-centered life would be much less likely to use such things because the Holy Spirit can fill most holes in our lives if we let Him.

The solution, as I see it, lies not in the government but in the individual person.  Spreading the Gospel to others and convicting them to follow Jesus and accept God's grace is the only real solution with tangible results.  All the government has done when enforcing most of its laws is pervert justice to a point that would make even the most fanatical Christian cringe.  We see children taken away from their parents for the flimsiest of crimes such as shoplifting.  A man accused of child abuse is counted as guilty, even if all charges are proven false in a criminal court.  This is all because government is nothing more than a collection of selfish individuals, not God's angels.

Electing social conservatives, I'm afraid, has only lead to more immorality.  This is because social conservatives need social issues to stay alive in order to remain elected, much like Democrats need welfare recipients to get elected.  Did any Republican in Congress during the Bush years ever propose to cut funding to Planned Parenthood?  It was not until this year that one dared to do so, when it was more than likely to fail given the Democrat-controlled Senate and Obama in the Whitehouse.  The point is, social issues have been used as a kind of political football in most cases.  Does any social issue ever get resolved by an elected official, or at least marginalized?

One thing you are overlooking is that to be fiscally conservative, you need to have a high degree of integrity to begin with.   Once you obtain the reins of power, the temptation to give in to lobbyist and various special interests becomes great and men and women of weak-wills and dishonest practices will fall quickly, regardless of their apparent fiscal conservatism from the onset.  To be fiscally conservative is to be filled with solid moral fiber in the first place, otherwise you will just end up corrupted like all the others.