Monday, October 3, 2011

OK My Pink Flamingoes, I’m Aware of the Killer Ta-Tas

Apparently men look pretty in pink when they are out to bring about breast cancer awareness.  But real men don’t wear pink, unless they are putting some kind of comedy show, so I guess what we have are a bunch of beta males trolling around with pink wristbands and T-shirts.

Breast cancer is horrible.  A woman who loses her breasts to it has basically become a ‘0’ on most 1 to 10 scales of beauty and she knows it.  More horrible still, are all the women who have died from breast cancer.

But I do not understand why we need to spend a whole month promoting awareness of it.  You could just hand out pamphlets on a street corner for day and get more done.  It seems to me that this whole awareness movement is utterly ridiculous and should not merit attention from any credible news outlet, if there is one left.

My grandfather died from colon cancer.  He did everything he could to prevent his death.  He did his regular screening, he tried just about every kind of cancer treatment available, and he still died from it.  And it was not a pretty death.  In the end, his bladder and what was left of his colon started to merge together causing feces in his urine and urine in his feces.  Not a good combination when it is coming from you body.  Ultimately, his liver failed and he left this Earthly stage for better opportunities.

For some reason, we don’t spend one month racing for cure for colon cancer, which is arguably at least as nasty as breast cancer.  Instead, we have all these pink campaign where I believe much of the money is squandered like most big time charities and very little goes to actually finding a cure or treating patients who cannot pay for treatments.  But that is all speculation on my part and may not be true at all.

In any event, this whole breast cancer awareness movement looks pretty gay to me and it is not even about AIDS awareness, which I refer to as LGBT Awareness Week Two.

My question to those who organize these events is this: I am aware of the problems now so why do you keep on pestering me?  Better yet, you’ve accomplished your mission so why don’t you just go home?