Monday, October 31, 2011

The Micromanagers of Your Life

I’m not really celebrating Halloween this year, much like the previous years.  This is because I am an adult and I have no children of my own.  It really has nothing to do with my Christian convictions as I do not get all in a huff when somebody celebrates a non-Christian Holiday.

But this is the wonderful time of year when local politicians, technocrats, and self-empowered news reporters come out into the limelight and instruct all you idiot parents on how to properly go trick-or-treating with your children.  They usually state obvious things like looking before you cross the street and wearing bright colored clothing.

Yet more examples of why I try to pay as little attention as possible to what our glorious central planners of both the Inner and Outer Party try to shove into our collective ears.  I do not pay attention to them because they start from the premise that all people are stupid and would not survive past 25 years of age without government help (although with total government help, you would be euthanized at 65 to save resources).  This is an arrogant attitude that does not come from the idea of helping others for the sake of others but for the sake of their own over-inflated sense of self.

If the main problem of generation X and up is low self-esteem, then the main problem of the presumptive life micromanagers is high self-esteem.  With a certain combination of anti-depressants and a misguided sense of worth, these ordinary individuals have become monsters who would make most Halloween spirits flee in terror upon seeing them.

Of course most people would say that I am picking on them for such a small thing.  After all, safety is a concern for prospective trick-or-treaters, right?

This is a small thing, but it is one cut in one thousand that are inflicted all year long.   The life micromanagers, be they politicians, bureaucrats, or prominent media pundits, seek to guide us to do what they think is right with our lives.  Even among libertarians you have people who say you should not eat this or drink this or you should do this.  All of this is designed to get you to do something that you otherwise would not do.  Not that any of it really matters in the long run since we are all dead in the end.

The point is, most people know what to do with their lives.  Most parents who have children know to make them look both ways while crossing a street as they go around and playfully extort their neighbors for candy.  Most kids old enough to go on their own know to look both ways when the cross the street as well.  Most people know that fast food is bad for you, that if you eat too much and do not exercise in some fashion, you will get fat.

I am sick of these jerks getting on the public soapbox each and every day and telling us how to live as if we were children.  If they instead told us to do what we think is best for ourselves and our family, then perhaps people would be much healthier and happier.  But in the sick world we live in, there are enough idiots who are all too happy to listen to these people which only serves to elevate them and give them power.

As for me, I plan on ignoring them and doing what I think is best for myself.