Friday, September 9, 2011

Why Sarah Palin Cannot Win the Presidency

When Sarah Palin first hit the national scene, she seemed all right to me.  She certainly reinvigorated the lackluster campaign of John McCain up until John McCain voted for the banking bailouts.  All I am saying is that she gave John McCain a bit of a bump back in 2008 for about a week or two.

Immediately following John McCain’s failure, she was basically anointed by the conservative pundits to run for president in 2012 against Obama.  This was reinforced by how McCain’s group blamed Palin for his loss in the aftermath, which was largely unfair.  In any case, this more than solidified her as the next possible person to run for President of the United States since conservative pundits like to pretend that they are anti-Republican establishment types to their audiences.

Unfortunately, despite her appeal, I firmly believe that Sarah Palin has no chance of winning in 2012.

I have come to this conclusion not because I think she is not conservative.  I have no doubt that she is fairly conservative and could easily win over many hearts and minds in people.

This is not because she quit her job as governor of Alaska in the middle of her term.  I do believe that this hurt her, but her reasons for doing so are understandable and by and large it would not hurt her in the media.

No, I believe that she can not win for the simple reason that she is not running.  Sarah Palin cannot possibly win because she is not running for any office of any kind.  One cannot win the Presidency if you are not running for it.

I know she is appearing to run on it and I know that she has done all these events and tours which appear to be about her running.  I believe these were nothing more than attempts to feed her ego and to make money off of the Palinistas.

So that is why she cannot win.  She is not running and at this point, she will not win the nomination even if she enters the race late because it is a little late and because nobody likes a cocktease.