Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Obama: The Prez Who Failed the USA

So it looks like Economic Armageddon is right around the corner.  At least this is how things are portrayed in the mainstream media, by various online bloggers, and talk radio pundits.  This blogger tends to think otherwise, but hey who knows, maybe this fa├žade of wealth will come crumbling down and all we will be left with are the gum wrappers and used cotton swabs to rebuild with.

Whatever is going to happen, the fault is largely due to Prez Barack Obama’s own incompetence and childish manners, for the most part.  I will acknowledge that there are lot of factors which got us to where we are now, but most of the recent events in the past two years have largely been centered around the Prez.

For a long time now, the Federal government under both Republican(‘t) and Democrat(ick) administrations with both Democrat(ick) and Republican(‘t) controlled Congresses have been spending way beyond their own means.  This did not start with Bush, Jr., in fact you could probably trace deficit spending back to the Great Society project courtesy of micromanaging LBJ, our first modern warmongering President.  Save for a few years here and there of a balanced budget or a budget surplus, the Federal government has consistently spent more than it has taken in from tax confiscations.  If any private organization or individual operated as the Federal government has, they would have been stabbed to death by the loan sharks years ago.  Sometimes I believe that if it were not for the massive military power we have, we would have been invaded by all our creditors years ago.

So when Prez O. came into office in 2009, he had inherited a long and glorious history of gluttonous spending and a bureaucratic machine that was designed specifically to not do their job exactly the way they were supposed to while still getting paid over twice the national average salary.  And what does our cracker-ass honkey of a Prez do in this situation?  He goes and racks up $5 trillion in debt in two and a half short years, beating out Juniors record of $5 trillion in eight years.  Granted, he probably just went along with the Democrat(ick)-controlled Congress’s ideas and paid little attention to what was going on.  But that does not make him any less culpable.

Then last year, the Democrat(ick) Congress did not pass a budget for this year before the close of business.  In other words, Congress failed to do their constitutional duty, which comes as no surprise considering they have yet to declare war on any nation we are currently at war with.  So when the Republican(‘t)s took over this past January, they inherited a government without any budget and were forced to vote on a series of resolutions to fund the government for the next couple of weeks.  Without any real sense of leadership, Speaker of the House Boehner did not bother to drastically cut spending.  Instead the crybaby just moaned about how his predecessors did not write up a budget for this year.  What a pathetic waste of man he is.

Meanwhile, the debt ceiling, which is a self-imposed limitation placed on the government dictating how much debt they are allowed to go into, is about to be reached.  The Repubilcan(‘t)s wish to cut a deal that cuts, caps, and balances spending if they are to raise the debt ceiling.  Meanwhile, the Democrat(ick) strategy, lead by Prez Soetoro, seems to be one of demagoguery and lacks any coherent plan at all.  Raising taxes on the rich will not come close to ending the deficit spending.  You see, if you lived in the real world, where mathematics is a hard law, there is no possible way that raising any taxes at this point will close any significant amount of the deficit.  A real world example might be like trying to pay off a car loan with a wheat penny.

But the real frustrating part in all of this is that neither side seems the least bit interested in stopping the massive build-up of government debt.  We are already $14 trillion in the hole, making the Federal government the biggest failure in the history of the world.  You think the Soviet Union failed miserably?  You have yet to see how the United States Empire is about to fail big time.  And the Prez Obama will probably be the one to oversee it.  Perhaps the beginning of the end started long before he got into power, but he has slammed his foot on the accelerator whilst heading towards the edge of oblivion.

The fact is this: neither side is really interested in cutting spending to the point where we can start rolling significant amounts of money toward paying off the national debt.  Instead, the Republican(‘t)s want to maintain their warmongering spending and the Democrat(ick)s seem only interested in maintaining their entitlements.  And in the middle are the hard-working producer class wishing to make just do what they do best but looking at this madness and getting angrier and angrier.

If the Republican(‘t)s wish to make a significant difference and put this nation back on track, they will not accept any deal nor offer any deal that involves raising the debt ceiling.  The only glimmer of hope in all this is that the Prez seems to stubbornly want the Federal government to shut down by not dealing with the Republican(‘t)s.  As long as neither side caves, I can see only a win for the American people.

I prefer a total collapse of the Federal government over raising the debt ceiling.  Anyone who thinks differently is a fool of the highest caliber and needs to have his or her head examined.  We do not need the Federal government as much as everyone seems to think we do.  Let it all burn.  Maybe we can make something better in the aftermath without all these fucking assholes running things inside the rim of insanity.