Thursday, July 7, 2011

The More Things Change

While the Prez Obama has yet to complete his first term, it is turning out be nothing more than the Bush Administration kicked into hyper-drive and twice the cronyism.  The more I evaluate the Prez’s various actions, I can’t help but thing about how much this is like a much more incompetent version of George W. Bush, if that were possible.

Among the first actions the Prez took was to have his shoulder pad wearing linebacker Secretary of Homeland Security declare war veterans, Ron Paul supporters, and most libertarians tagged as potential terrorists.  In other words, that who fiasco, which did backfire due to the treatment of veterans, was nothing more than an early exercise in thought crime enforcement.  Basically, the Prez was targeting all those bitter clingers he mentioned on his campaign trail.  But hey, I guess I shouldn’t complain too much; after all he didn’t bother to target Muslims or extreme communists movement, even though both groups are more likely to commit suicide bombings (see Tamil Tigers for more information on suicide bombing communists).

In any case, I suppose the Prez had good intentions in dealing with political dissidents.   It is not like he used the IRS on them like Bill Clinton did.  He did, however, promise us to close down the prison in Guantanamo Bay and he has done just that.  Oh wait, he has left it open.  He did release some of the prisoners, but many of them returned to Islamic terrorism because they have been imprisoned for several years by Christian America.

Our beloved Prez did make the crucial decision to have Bin Laden executed.  Apparently, it took him several months to make the decision, in which he took several vacations and generally did next to nothing, except release his birth certificate.  It is strange that he had Bin Laden executed around the same time that he released his birth certificate.  Perhaps he did not want any of us to notice that it was a forgery.  Seriously, if it was a direct scan, then the PDF should not have had any layers in it.  He should have released it as a TIFF file.  Maybe then most people would have accepted it and he would not have had to trample Pakistan’s sovereignty.

Speaking of wars, we seem to still be engaged in them on a massive scale.  The Prez has clearly shown his contempt for Congress in defying him by continuing his war in Libya.  Of course, if House Republicans had any balls, they would have defunded the war last week.  Kudos to the Prez for the having the foresight to know that Boehner is a complete buffoon.  In any case, the Prez has exceeded the neocons’ wettest dreams by having the United States engaged in six wars: Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Syria, Libya, and now Somalia.  By the end of his term, we are probably going to be engaged in a war with Iran, Kuwait, Botswana, and Texas.  May as well make it an even ten, right?

The Prez has also exposed his own insecurities by repeatedly attacking Texas for their open defiance of the TSA, which never actually made it into law due to some Statist Republicans.  First of all, he denied Federal aid during the tornados or flooding or whatever else is happening in the Midwest that I do not really care about.  Now he has interfered with the execution of Mexican national who brutally raped and murdered a girl all because he was not allowed to speak to some Mexican officials.  I am sure the Mexican government would afford me the same courtesy if I raped a Mexican girl, then beat her head with a rock until her brains spilled out, then stuck a stick with a screw on the end up her nether-region, and all not necessarily in that order.  But hey, diplomacy matters only when you are trying to get back at your rival.

All-in-all, I am impressed that the Prez has managed to not only maintain the Bush agenda, but speed it up while at the same time paying off his supporters with tax dollars of my non-existent children and grandchildren.  Of course he told us it was economic stimulus, but the only thing that ACORN ever stimulated was an underage hooker’s, well, you know what I mean.

Still, the thick irony of it all has me just plain tickled with annoyance and cramping.  While conservatives have been among the biggest suckers for the longest time when it comes to the GOP, it is quite clear that the biggest suckers have been the Left-wing Statists all along.  You see, all those things the Democrats pretended to oppose under Bush were really just angry reactions to ideas they believed the ex-Prez has stolen from them.  In other words, it was never about the cause, but pride.