Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Government Man, Why Do You Creep?

The blacksmith has started to hammer.  The IT professional has started to lay cable.  The restaurant owner has begun to sweep.  So tell me Government Man, why do you continue to creep?

A housewife begins to get her children ready for school while her husband drives to his construction job.  An old man puts on his uniform and goes to greet people at the door.  Thank God for Government man, though, because otherwise they would be poisoned by raw milk.

The factory worker has put on his protective helmet and clocked in.  The groundskeeper is out cutting the grass.  The waitress is putting on her apron.  Thank God for the Government Man, who prevents them from working more than eight hours a day, whether they want to or not.

The grandmother is making one last trek to her home.  The young child is excited for their first airplane ride.  And at the security checkpoint is Government Man, ready to check their dirty diapers for any contraband.

The trucker is just waking up to begin another day on the road.  The train conductor is collecting tickets.  The airplane pilot is starting his descent.  And there is Government Man, creeping into their jobs because they are too stupid to do it on their own, of course.

The banker begins to count the available money in the safe.  The oil rig worker dons his helmet and begins his day.  All the while we have Government Man enforcing regulations that make common sense look uncommon.

Government Man why do you continue to creep?  You creep into every aspect of our lives from the soda we buy to the circus clown cars we laugh at and yet somehow I think if you weren’t around, our lives be a little more pleasant.  Instead we are forced to look over our shoulders and make sure we are safe, because the Government Man is always creeping and who knows when he’ll strike?