Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Private Property Means Nothing To Government Officials

It seems that the Massachusetts state legislature has passed an very unconstitutional swine flu bill, probably in response to the various fears perpetrated by the Obama administration.  Obama is probably doing this in order to avert attention away from his joke of a healthcare bill.  In any case, I am almost certain that the perpetrator behind this is Secretary of  Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius, who was the former corrupt governor of Kansas and whose known associates include the late, partial-birth abortionist George Tiller.  At the very least, she is perpetrating this fear herself and indirectly responsible for the unconstitutional law passed by the state legislature in Massachusetts.

Basically, this bill overreaches in terms of the authority allowed to them by the United States Constitution in that it gives the police the authority to unlawful search and seizure, illegal arrests without a warrant, and forced vaccinations.  All of these violate our 4th, 5th, and 14th amendment rights under the United States Constitution.

More importantly, it demonstrates government’s contempt for individual property rights.  While this is nothing new, the founding fathers saw fit to include protections of private property in the Constitution in order to protect us from scum like Kathleen Sebelius and those in the Massachusetts state legislature.  The problem is that if enough scum has power, then the Constitution is a worthless document to them, only getting in their way.

You see, if you own anything, most people in government believe that it is theirs to do with what they will.  Be it your home, your car, or even your body, most people who operate government never operate on the basis that you own it.  Ask the businessperson who tries to change the bushes in front of his building, but has to jump through all these hoops with local bureaucrats if you do not believe me.

The truth is, private property rights has been diluted and blatantly disregarded by the fascists that run the various government agencies you and I have to deal with on a regular basis.  Zoning laws prevent me from purchasing land and building whatever I want to build on it.  Local county ordinances prevent you from building a house the way you want to.  I remember my wife describing to me a reality show where two midgets, who were married with a bunch of kids, could not lower the railing in their home because that would violate the local ordinance.  The heartless and senseless busybody bureaucrat told him that it could not be done because what if other people come and visit his house?  What does that matter to anyone?  It was his house and he should be allowed to build it and renovate it however he wants to.

This is how the state of Massachusetts can pass such laws without batting an eye.  They have contempt for other people who own property because they want to have all the power themselves.  After all, they should be the only people owning homes and you and I should be forced to be subjugated to them and their whims.

The best bureaucrat is one who does not take his or her authority seriously and instead has enough common sense to know how to apply the law in the context of the people owning their own property.  If they did that, we would have a lot less headaches.  But no, these are moral busybodies who have nothing better to do but to harass those who are more prosperous and talented than they are.