Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It Must Be Devastating

With the whole health care reform (for the worse) debate still ongoing and with the Democrats fighting a losing battle, I am wondering how President Obama is doing.  I wonder if he has slumped into a deep depression over all this.  The whole thing must be devastating to him.

It is not that I care about him anymore than I care about some stranger I see on a street passing me by, it is just that I am wondering if President Obama has ever been told “no” before in his entire life.  Looking over the bits and pieces of his life, he seems to have everything given to him.  He grew up with his rich, white grandparents where he was given a great education, he was given great positions pretty much because he was black.  As a self-proclaimed community organizer, he probably always got his way.

In fact, the only person who probably opposed him up until now, besides his political opponents, was probably his wife.  I suspect that Michelle Obama is a little crazy.  Notice how she has been largely kept out of the spotlight even though she is the first lady.  While a first lady is usually in the background, they are usually seen doing some kind of humanitarian or social work.  All I have seen from her so far is her shopping and vacation habits.

In any case, right now President Barack Obama is facing the sad truth that the vast majority of the American people (and I suspect it is a lot larger than the polling numbers) do not want his form of health care.  Many of us are perfectly satisfied with our health plans, in fact just about everyone who has some form of health insurance does not want it to be messed with.  When Congress tried to pass the health care plan, the people actually read the bill and realized that this was not what we wanted.

Moreover, Obama’s past statements confirmed that he and his cronies are nothing more than a bunch of liars.  President Obama wants a single-payer system in place where the government will decide how you die.  After all, if the purpose of health care is about keeping you alive, then a bureaucrat determining your treatment plans based on a pre-defined system, rather your own personal choice, is ultimately what will result.

The exposure of being an outright liar combined with the ferocity of the people at these town hall meetings has probably placed a huge load of stress and doubt upon an egomaniac like Obama.  It would not surprise me if he has taken to drinking a lot more and picked up an extra pack a day.  When the voters overwhelmingly voted him into office, along with his party taking both houses, he probably believed that he had what the Chinese referred to as the “Mandate from Heaven” (the translation is probably very loose).

Now it seems that the very people he believed loved him with all their heart, all their mind, and all their soul now may have only liked him a little better than John McCain.  They may have just been tired of the hypocrisy of the Republican party, which promised smaller government and no wasteful spending, but failed to deliver when the bill came due.  Maybe the American people were just interesting in dealing with the devils they knew rather than risk their own wealth and prosperity on a known maverick.

Anytime a person is knocked off their high horse, serious depression always ensues.  While I have absolutely no sympathy for Obama, I worry about what he is going to do about.  An egomaniac never reacts well to such humiliation.  Tyrants have always reacted badly to having their weaknesses exposed and Obama definitely has the mind of a tyrant.  Only time will tell what happens next.

As for the rest of us, remember that their agenda is about controlling you.  To them, we are nothing more than sheep and they are our rulers.  Let us remind that they are suppose to be our representatives and not our overlords.