Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I Shed No Tears For You Senator

So Senator Ted Kennedy has died of brain cancer.  My only complaint is that he was never arrested, tried, and convicted of vehicular manslaughter.  While I have little sympathy for a woman dumb enough to get in a car with a known alcoholic (especially one she had to have intimately known seeing as how they were having an affair).  He used his money and power to get out of the charges.

This is the classical Hollywood villain story.  The only difference is that no one in Washington D.C. ever talked about it.  Apparently they respect seniority there more than integrity.  But if you follow any of the antics of the Federal government, you would know this already.

Senator Ted Kennedy led a life that makes the average man look like a saint.  He was a hypocrite to the nth degree.  He was one of those snobby rich people who hides his income from taxation by storing it in overseas accounts.  The pope himself said that this was immoral.  Yet he constantly railed against the rich for not paying their fair share in taxes.  Never mind that if you add up the percentages, the rich pay much more than their fair share if your basis of fairness is logic and mathematics.

Ted Kennedy was a known alcoholic.  It is surprising that he did not die of liver failure before he died of a brain tumor.  In any case, a man who lives the life of an alcoholic should not be in any position of power, which speaks volumes as to the overall intelligence of the voters of Massachusetts.  Not that my state is any better, but our two Democrat Senators do not seem to suffer any kind of severe substance abuse.  Oh, and the other Senator from Massachusetts is John Kerry, so if the quality of your Senators is a good measure of the overall intelligence of the voters in that state, Massachusetts is near the bottom.

Anyway, Ted Kennedy even committed outright treason back in the 1980s when he contacted the Soviets in order to help him defeat Ronald Reagan.  Yes, he tried to get the Soviet Union to help the Democrat party.  I am actually surprised that President Reagan did not just sick his Attorney General on him.  Heck, if Bill Clinton would sick the IRS on Joseph Farah because Farah was a conservative, then how much more reasonable would it be for a Republican to arrest a Democrat for treason during wartime.

Ted Kennedy was responsible for the immigration problems we face today.  He spearheaded the bill that granted citizenship to anyone who was born in the United States, thus creating the anchor baby phenomenon.  He reformed the immigration practices to allow unskilled workers to immigrate here rather than the skilled immigrates.  In essence, we have denied opportunities to educated men and women who live in a country that lacks resources in favor of cheap labor.  I wonder if he did it just to save money on his maid services.

Ted Kennedy was also responsible for the rise of the HMO plans, which everyone considers to be the worse form of medical insurance available, next to Medicare (my grandparents told me its terrible) and Medicaid.  If you have ever looked at a HMO plan, you would know that in order to see a specialist, you have to see a regular doctor first and get a referral.  Talk about excessive medical costs.  Instead of going to see a podiatrist to fix an ingrown toenail first, you need to see a general doctor and then go to a podiatrist you may not even like.

Everything that Ted Kennedy did he would always turn around and blame for all the problems of the poor.  He was there for 40+ years and he always caused problems, never really fixing anything.  He would then run on fixing the problems he had caused.  This was the standard modus operandi of the Democrats since FDR, where you make people as dependent on you as possible while continually creating more and more problems for them.

Senator Ted Kennedy was not a man that anyone should use as a basis for how to live your life.  The man lacked integrity and committed outright crimes.  I am sure that I have merely touched on the various crimes and problems that defined Senator Ted Kennedy’s life.  I know it is considered taboo to speak ill of the dead, but frankly, I would rather speak of them as if they were alive.  There is not much difference for me, considering I did not know the man personally, and because it is the honest thing to do.