Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mitt Romney Should Go Away

So apparently Mitt Romney is calling for Obama to slow down his health care bill push.  While I think Obama should either speed it up or stop it altogether, largely because I hate things that drag out forever and ever, I think Romney has zero credibility when it comes to anything political.  In other words, this man needs to shut up and disappear like George Allen has.  Maybe hypnosis can be employed to make him say something racist in public…
Anyway, I never liked Romney all that much to begin with.  When he was governor of the state of Massachusetts, he imposed exactly the kind of health care plan that the Federal government is trying to force on all of America, more or less.  Even the normally conservative Heritage Foundation praised the measure, which allowed me to lose all respect for that think tank.  The plan, as I understood it, basically required everyone to have some form of health insurance and would provide lower income people with one, should their employer not provide one.
Well, now the citizens of that historic state are largely unhappy with the plan.  This proves once again that any piece of legislation that is passed that all parties are proud of is of no benefit to its citizenry.  In any case, the whole program has long been forgotten by pretty much everyone in the mainstream press.
But that is only part of why I despise Romney.  After his whole debacle of a health care plan that he orchestrated, he had the gull to call himself a conservative Republican despite the fact that he supported ethanol subsidies (pandering to lazy farmers), supported lazy union car assembly workers (where McCain was honest to them), and ultimately paved the way for John McCain to win the Republican nomination by dropping out.  Instead of sticking with it and trying to stop McCain, he instead tried to go for a VP pick.  Worked out great, did it not?
I do not know why Laura Ingraham supported him and openly called him a conservative (probably to reassure herself, much like talk radio did with George W. Bush), but my guess is that he probably just scored a lot of sympathy for being a Mormon.  It would not surprise me that the man who said he would not vote for Romney because he was Mormon may have been a plant of some kind and paid to say that.  I am not saying that is what happened, but we are talking about a politician who has a long history of being shifty and pandering to whatever group would benefit him.  While there is some degree of this in politics, you do not need to supposedly compromise your ideals just to win.
Romney took his shot and was shut down by people who would rather have voted for John McCain, seeing as how he was open about his moderate views and willing to tell the brutal truth to people.  Heck, most of the conservatives I talked with were not all that enthusiastic about him during the primaries.
You lost Romney.  You quit and caused the Republican party to lose.  Just go away and run a non-profit somewhere.  Leave politics altogether.  The Republican party will better off with you gone from public life.
As for the conservative blog establishment, please stop encouraging faux conservatives such as Romney.  They are the kind of people that will betray you when they get into office.  Don’t get stuck on stupid.