Monday, July 27, 2009

Enough With the Distractions

So President Obama decided to weigh in on a local Massachusetts last Wednesday or Tuesday (I do not know because I do not watch much Television these days) about a white police officer arresting a black man in his own house.  Talk about an easy target for a race baiter to make.
Apparently, Professor Robert Louis Gates, Jr. was having trouble getting into his own house.  His driver helped him bust into his house and then left.  A woman passing in the neighborhood saw what was happening and called the police.  I guess she thought it was a burglary in progress, but I do wonder what her motives were.  I am sure that she meant well, but if the men had been a different race, would she have acted differently?  This is not to say she is racist, but that she was in what was probably an upscale area with mostly white, affluent people, so it would be understandable if she was applying some kind of racial profiling.  She did say that she did not mention the race of the two individuals in her 911 call.  The police themselves have confirmed this.
In any case, Professor Gates responded to the police at his door in a very confrontational manner, denying any wrongdoing and not producing identification when the police asked him.  Now, I am not a fool, but I think this guy was right to tell the police to go to Hell.  Honestly, I think you should have the right to demand that the police produce a proper search warrant before the identification can be forcibly produced.  No police officer should ever have to require you to answer them or allow them to search your property, all of your property, without getting a warrant.  I know this ties the hands of police officers more than what people are used to these days, but justice can still prevail in that kind of atmosphere, mostly because criminals are much, much more stupid than the average adult.  Usually, most convictions involve a confession of some kind given by the defendant because he or she was dumb enough to talk to the police.
Common sense, however, dictates that this man should have produced identification and then told the police officers to leave.  Afterwards, he should have contacted a realtor and found a new place to live.  But that last part would probably take several months.  I do not think I could stay in a neighborhood where everyone assumes I am a criminal because of either the color of my skin or their failure to attempt to get to know me.  I am sure that Professor Gates will do that anyway.  Unless he is a race baiter himself.
But this whole incident has been blown out of proportion because Obama actually dared to favor a black citizen over the police force.  Somehow, this translates to the President not supporting the police force, which is ridiculous.  As far as I can tell, he also never indicated that the police officer was racist, but then again I could be wrong on that count.  The conservative establishment media (talk radio and the Internet) assumed that he was being racist because they know he is.  I have no argument against Obama being racist, largely because I read excerpts from his book, but to assume that a racist will commit racist acts all the time is like assuming a Christian will always turn the other cheek.
With the President trying to spend us into oblivion, assume greater and greater control over us, and lending support to radical groups he is affiliated with, somehow this story is pushed to the forefront.  While I like to keep current by regularly visiting the Drudge Report, most of the time I feel that it is the National Enquirer of conservative media.  Then again, that is not really an insult considering the state of most “mainstream” news sources.
So enough with the distractions already.  Let us all focus on the ever expanding government and combat that, instead of focusing on petty and foolish things that are nothing more than distractions from a larger agenda.  I am almost certain that the big distraction this has caused was the result of the President’s advisors telling he needs a controversial distraction in order to pass his own agenda.
So please, keep that in mind when you observe the President’s actions and words.  It could just be an elaborate ruse for him to try and grab power.