Friday, June 19, 2009

The Truth About Obama's Health Plan

First of all, watch this video:

Now understand that the reason why they are being deceptive is that the vast majority of Americans are happy with their health care plan. I know I am. I love my PPO plan that I pay for and my company pays for. I may eventually move to a HSA with high deductible, but I cannot afford to do so right now.

This is war. This is tyranny of the minority thrust upon the majority. Like Hitler, they are being open and honest about their plans and they mean business. The government that controls your health care plan, controls when you die.

If you do not believe me, then why is it that Canadians come here to get major surgeries and treatments for life-threatening illnesses? If the government truly cared up there, then they would shift those people to a higher priority, right? No, they do not because the supply of doctors is low and the bureaucrats just do not care.

So if you want the same people responsible for Katrina relief, the failing education system, the messed up roads, the bailing out of rich, white bankers, and the influx of illegal aliens to take care of you when you get colon cancer or have a heart attack, then please do me a favor and MOVE TO CANADA.

This is not about protecting the interests of the poor and downtrodden, it is about protecting their own political livelihood and adherence to a false ideological that was proven to be so after millions of Russians and other ethic groups in that region of the world were slaughtered. And all because some guy with a thick mustache wanted factories instead of farms.

Do not let them do this to us. We need to write to them and say that we are happy with our health plan and that if you do this, we cannot be held responsible for what follows, be it revolution or your firing.