Monday, June 1, 2009

On the Murder of a Proud Baby-Killer and Criminal

George Tiller will probably go down in the next 15 minutes of media blitz as a martyr for the cause of abortion.  Sadly, this is a man that any pro-choice organization would not want elevated to some kind of sainthood.

Dr. George Tiller was probably the most unethical abortion doctor in the state of Kansas and had actually been charged for it in the past.  Keep in mind that states are allowed to regulate abortion as they see fit, provided that it is a legal option under Roe v. Wade.  The state of Kansas may as well be the murder capital of the world when it comes to late-term abortions (an abominable procedure) as people come from all over the country to Kansas for late-term abortions.

When the newly elected Attorney General Phill Kline reviewed Dr. Tiller’s reasons for performing various late-term abortions, there were none to be found.  This was a violation of Kansas state law and the Republican Attorney General decided to investigate the potential crimes because he had probable cause.

Naturally a Republican investigating an abortion doctor did not go over well.  The abortion industry stonewalled, lied, threw some mud, and eventually managed to cause Kline to lose the election in 2006 when a RINO decided to switch sides (big surprise there).

Kline still managed to file 30 counts of performing illegal late-term abortions before he officially left office.  Dr. Tiller managed to get some of the charges dropped all the while be treated to a lobster dinner at the governor’s mansion, courtesy of then Governor Kathleen Sebelius (the current Secretary of Health and Human Services).

And so, Dr. Tiller managed to escape justice with the help of his political allies in Kansas, despite expert opinion that Dr. Tiller was outright lying to perform late-term abortions.  Eventually, a grand jury brought no charges against Dr. Tiller.  So the case fizzled from there and Dr. Tiller got away with at least 30 illegal late-term abortions.  Not exactly the poster child for abortion rights, yet the pro-abortion activists sided with him because of the same old, tired biases without using their brain.*

The bottom line here is that the Dr. Tiller violated the law in Kansas and his murder comes as no surprise to me nor should it to anyone else.  When justice is denied in such blatant terms, sometimes the citizenry will take matters into their own hands.  It is unfortunate that Dr. Tiller was murdered and not brought to justice, as he should have been.  I will shed no tears for Dr. Tiller and I doubt any other sane person will as well.  It would be like crying for the sake of a serial killer who was shot dead by a victim’s mother.

The left-wing statists should take note of this incident and realize that this will happen again if they continue to circumvent the law to aid their friends.  The real tragedy of this whole incident is that Dr. Tiller was never called to account for his crimes in this life.

*Throughout this wonderful story of a monster I have included links to a five part series written by Jack Cashill who did an excellent job reporting on the recent activities of Dr. Tiller.