Friday, May 1, 2009

The Wisdom of Bullet Tooth Tony

“Never underestimate the predictability of stupidity” –Bullet Tooth Tony

Truer words were never spoken and could not be more accurate when describing the Obama administration. The moves made by the extreme leftist presidential administration are easily discernable.

Barak Obama is a true product of leftish brainwashing.  He lacks a free will of his own in that he has let others mold his ideology for him.  Why do you think he has so much trouble with public speaking outside of a teleprompter?  On that note, I seem to remember my public speaking class in college where I was encouraged to use only a small set of notes.

Obama is a puppet.  I do not know who the puppeteer is, and I doubt that Obama himself could really tell us.  The puppeteer does not have to be an individual or a group of individuals either.  It could very well be simply the left wing ideology he echoes out of his mouth when speaking without a teleprompter.

I fully expect Obama to do his damndest to get us all under a government health care system.  I fully expect him to continue the policy of torture and the war on terror.  I expect him to try and expand the classification of terrorists to people like me, his political opposite.  I admit I supported the USA PATRIOT Act back when it was first passed, however, I changed my mind about midway through Bush’s second term and realized that this act could be used in a similar fashion that Clinton used the IRS in the 1990s.

The point is that the policies pushed by Barak Obama are predictable and not surprising.  His multiple appearances on primetime television, as annoying as they are, are predictable in terms of his ego.  Obama is a great example of a teenaged slacker given the managerial position at a Starbucks.  My only hope is that he will find himself unmotivated to much of anything while President.  Unfortunately, I suspect his wife is very domineering and will motivate him to do things he would rather not do as President.

Oh, and look for the sex scandal that similar to Clinton’s, and probably on the same scale, to come out at some point.  With an ego as big as his is, with an adoring public, a lack of morals, and a domineering wife, you bet he is out having affairs.  It will not surprise me if he fathers a lovechild as President if he has not done so already.